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Arabic Immersion Day

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Arabic Immersion Day: Islamic New Year 1438

On October 7, 2016, Wright State University hosted its third Arabic Immersion Day and welcomed 16 students, parents, teachers and the principal from the Islamic Sunday School in Dayton to celebrate the Hijri New Year 1438 known as  the Islamic New Year (Arabic: "Ra's al-Sanah al-Hijriya" ). The first Islamic year begins in 622 AD with the emigration of Prophet Muhammad  from Mecca to Medina, known as Hijra. Students pledged to speak only Arabic throughout the activities. The students toured the Wright State University Library and enjoyed the storytelling "Prophet Muhammad before al-Hijra". After the reading activity, students were engaged in other activities hosted by professor Orr and the Dayton Islamic School Arabic teacher, Arwa Saleh: Arabic Calligraphy, a movie " Al-Hijra of Muhammad"  followed by a Quiz, and the "99 names of God" Quiz . Students also enjoyed learning and singing the Hijri New Year song " Tala'a-l badru 'alaynaa"  as well as Henna. We are grateful for Dr. Marie Hertzler, chair of the department of Modern Languages who welcomed the students and encouraged them to continue their language and culture studies.


Arabic Immersion Day: One culture, different nations

On October 12, 2015, Wright State University hosted its second Arabic Immersion Day and welcomed 60 students from Dayton Islamic School to celebrate the culture that unifies the different Arabic nations! At the opening ceremony, students of Arabic performed a flag parade to welcome the students and celebrate their parents' country of origin ( Kuwait, Palestine, Morocco, Pakistan, India, Libya, United States of America, Kenya, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Somalia), followed by a flag and country quiz. After celebrating their heritage with the flag parade, students pledged to speak only Arabic throughout the day. The students participated in fun activities hosted by professor Orr and professor Mabra: students learned the first simple steps to write in Arabic Calligraphy "الخط العربي”, they enjoyed acting in the comedy of " Juha and the Donkey" from the Arab and Persian folklore, an entertaining play containing morals and teaching wisdom. Lunch was prepared by Chartwells Dining Services and included Okra with halal lamb and yellow rice, spinach pie, Baba Ghanoush with pita bread and rice pudding for desert. We are grateful for Dr. Kimberly Barrett, Vice-President of the Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement and Dr. Marie Hertzler, Chair of the Department of Modern Languages who both welcomed the students and encouraged them to continue language study. 


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