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Minor in Policing and Investigative Studies

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Why Choose Policing and Investigative Studies?

The policing and investigative studies minor is for you if you are not a crime and justice studies major, but want to gain insight into law enforcement procedures and operations. The curriculum allows you to examine the role of police professionals in the areas of investigation, law, diversity, and technology. This minor is a natural complement if you plan to major in fields such as sociology, political science, psychology, etc. or if you seek to familiarize yourself with investigative work at the local, state, and federal levels.  

This minor is a multidisciplinary program that allows you to explore different facets of policing and investigative work through a variety of courses. The curriculum consists of 21 hours of study—four core courses and three elective courses from a variety of disciplines.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an annual median wage of $77,210 for detectives and criminal investigators in 2015. Police patrol officers earned a median salary of $58,320, while first-line supervisors of police and detectives earned $82,090. If you earn a criminal investigation degree, your career options include:

  • ATF agent
  • Arson and fire investigator
  • Criminal investigator
  • DEA agent
  • Gang investigator
  • Homicide detective
  • Police officer

Real-World Experience

Internships can be taken through political science, sociology or urban affairs/geography departments (each has different minimum GPA requirements) by contacting the internship coordinators listed on our internships page.

Academics and Curriculum

View the Minor in Policing and Investigative Studies program requirements in the Academic Catalog.


Students admitted into the minor in policing and investigative studies must have a declared major at Wright State. Additionally, you must have completed ENG 1100, 1130, or 1140 with a grade of C or better and at least two other courses in the Wright State Core. A 2.0 GPA is required as well. (Note—this minor is not open to crime and justice studies majors). If you are a current student and meet these requirements, go to the WINGS Express Major/Minor change request form or talk to your advisor about adding a minor.


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