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Master of Public Administration Tuition and Financial Assistance

Master of Public Administration

Wright State’s M.P.A. offers outstanding value. Our tuition is among the most affordable in Ohio. We also offer a number of employment and assistantship opportunities for full-time M.P.A. students.

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All M.P.A. students are required to complete 36 credit hours. Tuition rates listed below are per semester.

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Undergraduate Wright Guarantee 18-19 Estimated Total Costs

The Wright Guarantee Tuition Program guarantees the same annual cost of in-state tuition, housing rates and meal plans over a four-year college career for new incoming, degree-seeking undergraduate students starting in Fall 18 or Spring 19. For non-Ohio resident students, the out-of-state tuition is not guaranteed.

Rates Ohio Resident
Ohio Resident
(Living on Campus)
Non-Ohio Resident**
Undergraduate Tuition (11–18 hours)* $4,627 $4,627 $9,199
Undergraduate Tuition (1–10.5 hours) $417/hour $417/hour $838/hour
Campus Housing (Woods Double)*** N/A $2,816 $2,816
Meals (Raider 200 Meal Plan)**** N/A $1,830 $1,830
Activity/Communications/Hospitality Fees N/A $463 $463
Books and supplies***** $780 $780 $780
Total for 1 semester $5,407 $10,516 $15,088
Total for 2 semesters (fall and spring) $10,814 $21,032 $30,176

Undergraduate Non Guarantee Tuition

Undergraduate Non Guarantee Tuition (attended prior to Summer 2018)*

Rates Ohio Resident*** Non-Ohio Resident****
Undergraduate Tuition (11–18 hours)** $4,365 $8,937
Undergraduate Tuition (1–10.5 hours) $394/hour $815/hour

*Must attend at least one semester each academic year
**Per hour rates will be applied to each credit hour in excess of 18
***Future in-state tuition rates are determined by the Ohio General Assembly and the Wright State University Board of Trustees
****Non-Ohio resident portion of tuition ($4,572 or $421/hour) is determined annually by the Wright State University Board of Trustees

Graduate and Professional Tuition

2018–19 Graduate and Professional Tuition Rates
Rates Ohio Resident** Non-Ohio Resident**
Graduate Tuition (11–18 hours)* $7,149 $12,143
Graduate Tuition (1–10.5 hours) $660/hour $1,125/hour
School of Professional Psychology/
Doctor of Nursing Practice Tuition (11–18 hours)*
$8,390 $13,408
School of Professional Psychology/
Doctor of Nursing Practice Tuition (1–10.5 hours)
$778/hour $1,245/hour
Boonshoft School of Medicine Tuition (11 or more hours) $17,447 $26,177

* Per hour rates will be applied to each credit hour in excess of 18
** Rates determined annually by the Wright State University Board of Trustees. 

Graduate Research Assistantships

All Regular Admission MPA students may apply for a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) position (PDF). GRAs work 20 hours per week during the academic terms in the Applied Policy Research Institute (APRI), on special projects or with outside organizations. GRAs are supervised by Principal Investigators and assigned to projects that will expand their ability to conduct research, develop their analytical skills, interact with professionals in the field, and gain practical experience in solving public and/or nonprofit administration problems.

Graduate Tuition Scholarships

Students who are admitted to the M.P.A. program under regular status may apply for Graduate Tuition Scholarships (PDF). These scholarships are awarded by the M.P.A. program on the basis of scholarship and academic need. Contact the M.P.A. program for additional information and an application.

Learn more about additional graduate student scholarships.

WPAFB Military and Civilian Graduate Scholarship

$7,500 per year for qualified students!

Individual students who are employed either as civilian workers or active-duty military personnel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), and their spouses and dependents, who wish to pursue graduate degrees at Wright State University are eligible to apply to the Wright State WPAFB Scholarship program. This scholarship provides up to $7,500 of tuition scholarship per year ($2,500 per semester) for qualified personnel and their family members who are pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees at Wright State!

Why the Wright State MPA Program?

Our program is designed to meet the needs of professionals who seek to advance their careers, change career paths, or begin their second career upon retirement from the base.

Our MPA Program:

  • is continuously accredited since 2002 by NASPAA, the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration. NASPAA accreditation requires that MPA programs maintain the highest quality of academic and professional standards.
  • is the largest MPA program in Southwest Ohio. Over 500 alumni work in leadership positions in all levels of government and in nonprofit organizations throughout the Miami Valley and beyond. Where our graduates work
  • balances theory and practice to provide students with cross-cutting and transferable skill sets.
  • may waive up to 6 semesters hours of MPA electives for students who attain Level II and Level III certification in eligible Defense Acquisition University programs prior to graduation from the MPA program.
  • may transfer up to 12 semesters hours of graduate credit from another accredited program, with approval from the Graduate School.
  • waives the internship requirement for both military and civilian managers at WPAFB.
  • accommodates working professionals. Each MPA course is offered in the evening and meets once a week.
  • provides opportunities to enhance your MPA degree through unique graduate certifications and dual degree programs.
  • requires no standardized test scores, such as the GRE or MCAT for admission. Admission is based upon undergraduate or graduate GPA, three strong letters of recommendation and a 400-word essay that discusses how the MPA will help fulfill your career goals.

For additional information, or to set up an appointment to talk about how the MPA can help you reach your career goals, contact Jerri Killian, Program Director.

For more information on the WPAFB scholarship, including how to apply, visit the Graduate School page.