• May I become a Mass Communication or a Communication Studies major with a 2.49 GPA?

    A minimum of 2.5 is required to become either a Mass Communication or a Communication Studies major.

  • May I major only in broadcast media? May I major in public relations?

    No because the Mass Communication degree requires students to master the creation of media content across media platforms. The old days where students would major in one specific media channel (i.e., print, broadcasting, audio) are past. The semesters curriculum requires students to take courses using print, web, broadcast, audio and public relations. This is a national trend.

  • Should I take COM 4320 Race, Class and Gender and COM 4570 as a Communication Studies major?

    No, because you are required to take either class; not both. This is an option you need to determine.

  • Are students finding jobs in the areas where they are earning their Communication Department degrees?

    Yes, and we encourage you to come see the business cards our graduates are mailing back to us to demonstrate how their degrees are being used.

  • May I transfer my credit in communication from another university?

    The Ohio approved TAGs courses will transfer from other Ohio public universities. You may request your academic advisor to have any communication course completed at a public or private university to be reviewed. During an academic appointment ask that a communication class be reviewed and s/he will start the process.