photo of a studentWomen's Studies (WMS) is an interdisciplinary program that places women in all their diversity at the center of inquiry and examines how gender influences our personal identities, cultural and artistic expressions, social arrangements, political and economic systems, and even our ways of knowing and understanding the world. The Bachelor of Arts program in Women's Studies is organized around three major areas of inquiry: feminist thought, women in multicultural perspective, and women in international perspective. Through courses taught in these and other disciplinary areas, as well as opportunities for internship experiences and community engagement projects, students will gain:

  1. Critical thinking and communication skills;
  2. Ability to analyze multiple fields of difference related to gender, race, cultural identity, nationality, class, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability;
  3. New ways of seeing and new standards for evaluating diverse women's and men's contributions to knowledge and society;
  4. More inclusive and transformative understanding of themselves and the world(s) in which they live;
  5. Opportunities to participate actively in social change.

The breadth and flexibility of the major enables students to choose from among a variety of courses in many disciplines that suit their needs and interests as well as to tailor their course of study to develop a specialization within a specific area of Women's Studies. Students have the opportunity to major, minor, or earn an undergraduate or graduate certificate in Women’s Studies as well as a minor in Sexuality Studies.

Enhancing one’s job market skills can also be achieved through the Women’s Studies Program by pursuing a dual degree in other fields and programs both within and outside the College of Liberal Arts. Women’s Studies students often decide to complete a second major in African and African American Studies, Anthropology, Business, Communication, Crime and Justice Studies, Economics, English, History, International Studies, Nursing, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology. Up to 20 credit hours of electives can count toward both majors.

Program options

Women's Studies Program Approved Course List (PDF)