Minor in Sexuality Studies

Students may choose to pursue a minor in Sexuality Studies, thereby gaining specialized knowledge of the issues addressed in this area of study. To be admitted to the minor, students must have a 2.0 GPA with a letter grade of “C” in WGS 2000: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (Wright State Core Area 5). Students must maintain a grade of “C” for each course counted toward the minor, and electives must be from at least two different disciplines. Students should refer to the Approved Sexuality Studies Course List for available elective options or confirm with the Program Director.

Sexuality Studies Minor Requirements: 18 Credit Hours

  • Required Prerequisites: 2 courses, 6 credits
    • WGS 2000 (GE Area 5), WGS 3000
  • Approved Electives: 4 courses, 12 credits


Sexuality Studies Minor Checksheet (PDF)