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Feminist Blogs

List retrieved from the Top Ten Feminist Blogs article on the Take Part website.

Feminist-Friendly Resources

This inventory was created by Dr. Judith Ezekiel and the following students from her Spring 2015 Feminist Activism Service Learning course at Wright State University: Gloria Graziano, Kathy Hayes, Jameela Henderson, Hannah Hendrix, Toshia Johnson, BreAnna Kusko, Tiree Moore, Carly Perkins, Stephanie Rushing, and Kelsey Tingler.


Ohio Feminist Organizations

Reproductive Health Services

Violence Against Women

Resources for Women of Color

LGBTQ Resources and Spaces

Women and Poverty

Women and Politics


Women and Military

Ohio Women’s Business Programs

Women/Girls in Science

Bookstores with Women’s Studies Collections

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Departments

Women’s Centers at Universities

Student Organizations

Research Institutes


Listservs and Electronic Forums

  • FEMAIL, a moderated list, “exists to provide a shared communication channel for feminists around the world.” Both men and women may join. Send subscription requests to FEMAIL-REQUEST@LUCERNE.ENG.SUN.COM
  • FEMINISM-DIGEST makes the USENET newsgroup soc.feminism available in digest form via e-mail for those who either cannot access Usenet or prefer the digest format. To subscribe to the digest, send a request to FEMINISM-DIGEST@NCAR.UCAR.EDU.
  • FEMISA is a list for discussion of feminism, gender, women and international relations, etc. Send subscription messages to LISTSERV@CSF.COLORADO.EDU
  • GENDER is a moderated list devoted especially to “discussion of issues pertaining to the study of communication and gender.” Send subscription requests to COMSERVE@VM.ITS.RPI.EDU.
  • GLOBES  is an electronic discussions list that facilitates communication about issues relevant to the GLBT community at UGA. To join the listserv, please visit: Your name and e-mail address will remain private.
  • MAIL-MEN describes itself as “a place of openness and support” where men and women can discuss men’s issues, which it defines as “those problems or experiences that affect male humans.” Send subscription requests to MAIL-MEN- REQUEST@ATTUNIX.ATT.COM
  • NURSENET on LISTSERV@VM.UTCC.UTORONTO.CA – A Global Forum for Nursing Issues NURSENET is an open, unmoderated, global electronic conference for discourse about diverse nursing issues in the areas of nursing administration, nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research. While unmoderated, we hope that subscribers will volunteer to introduce and host topics in areas of their interest and expertise. We can use this space to make announcements, share ideas,papers, bibliographies, resources, to take polls, review books, ask for opinions, and to create community. When you subscribe, you will receive The NURSENET Guide which contains useful commands and information. To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of a mail message.
  • WMST-L is an international electronic forum for people involved in Women’s Studies as teachers, researchers, librarians, and/or program administrators. It offers a rapid and cost-free way for participants to ask questions and exchange information about the academic side of Women’s Studies: current research, teaching strategies, useful texts and films, innovative courses, funding sources, building Women’s Studies majors, minors, and graduate programs, relations between Women’s Studies and other “minority studies” programs, and other academic issues.Subscribe to WMST-L and send a message to the listserv that consists of only one line in the body of your message.
  • WOMEN describes itself as a “general purpose list, intended to be a connection between all women’s groups and areas of interest for women and their friends.” To subscribe, write WOMEN REQUEST@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
  • WON, the Women’s Online Network, is an electronic political group for women. It “will distribute information, aid in the coordination of useful political action, and provide a forum for developing strategies to improve the position of women in our society.” WON charges a fee: $20 per year, negotiable if necessary. To join, contact the co-founders at CARMELA@ECHO.PANIX.COM or HORN@ECHO.PANIX.COM or by phone at (212) 255- 3839 (New York).
  • USENET Another source of electronic forums is Usenet, with its vast array of “newsgroups.” Among the hundreds of groups are the following: soc.feminism, soc.women, and These newsgroups all carry discussions of male/female relations, as well as other topics. The newsgroups are public, open to both men and women. Soc. feminism is moderated; the others are not and tend to be somewhat wilder and more argumentative. Since methods of accessing Usenet newsgroups vary from system to system, the best thing would be to ask the computer people at your institution how to access these newsgroups on your particular system.

List retrieved from the Women's Studies Listservs page on the Intercollegiate Women's Studies of the Claremont Colleges website.

*Access another comprehensive list of gender related listserves/electronic forums. This webpage consists of an annotated, award-winning listing of publicly-accessible listserves related to women or to women-focused gender issues. (If you're new to email lists find some basic information about what they are and how you can join one.)

List compiled by Joan Korenman, Professor Emerita of English, Affiliate Professor Emerita of Women's Studies, and Founder of the Center for Women and Information Technology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

WMS and/or Women’s Issues Websites

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program welcomes suggestions on related disciplinary or organizational websites that can be linked to our website.


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