School of Social Sciences and International Studies

Antonia Stonerock, '19

Department of Modern Languages and College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Senior, German
Recognition Year: 

Antonia Stonerock was born in Frankfurt Germany. She graduated high school in Grove City Ohio where she participated in track and the German American Partnership Program, where she hosted a student in Grove City and then attended their school in Heidenheim, Germany. During the summer, she spent most of her time with her family in Germany to improve her language skills. She graduates this spring with a Bachelor of Science in Education and German from the College of Liberal Arts at Wright State University, where she also received the Garrison Scholarship Award for German.

Currently, she assists Dr. Dona in student teaching a German class in which will help her long-term goal to move to Germany and teach there. Her hobbies and interests include spending time with family and friends, learning different languages, traveling, and exercising her language skills with others.


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