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Field School in Archaeology



Our summer term Field School in Archaeology (ATH 4650/6650) makes it possible for students from any major to learn firsthand what archaeological field research is like. The Field School is conducted at sites in southwest Ohio and is directed by Dr. Lance Greene. Students who enroll in the field school are presumed to have had no previous field experience.

The Field School in Archaeology is conducted for 6 hours of credit that provides students with hands-on archaeological survey and excavation experience. It is held during Summer Term A. We meet four days per week (Monday-Thursday) from 8:30-4:30. The dates for Summer Term A, 2024 are May 6 through June 13.

The field school course is designed to prepare students for a career in archaeology. While both field and lab methods will be taught, the focus is on learning field methods and skills; students carry out the excavations under the guidance of the director. We will focus on practices such as gridding, mapping, and recording a site, and basic excavacation techniques such as a shovel-test pit, test unit, and feature excavation. Lab activities will focus on artifact identification, analysis, conservatio, and curation. Students will also learn about federal legislation regarding archaeology in the United States. While we will spend some time in the lab and having classroom lecture, most of the time will be in the field.

During the summer 2024 field school, students will participate in survey and excavation of prehistoric and historic sites in the wooded areas on Wright State University campus. We will meet each morning in the Anthropology lab, pick up equipment, and proceed to the area where we are working.

How to Apply

For more information or to apply, contact the School of Social Sciences and International Studies at (937) 775-2667 or email Dr. Greene at


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