School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA)

Student Employment in the School

Are you interested in employment with our department?

Wright State University’s Applied Policy Research Center (APRI) formerly known as CUPA, is an applied research center focused on urban, suburban, and rural issuesincluding workforce and economic development, education, community development, housing, and health. APRI has earned a state and regional reputation for excellence. We are continually hiring qualified students. Graduate students work directly on grants and assist principal investigators conducting research. Undergraduates work as research assistants. Both graduates and undergraduates work in our telephone survey lab. Local agencies also request MPA students to work for them on special projects.

Graduate Research Assistants

All regular admission MPA students may apply for a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) position or Graduate Assistant (GA) position. Students work 20 hours per week during the academic terms at APRI or on special projects through the department. GRAs are supervised by principal investigators and assigned to projects that will expand their ability to conduct research, develop their analytical skills, interact with professionals in the field, and gain practical experience in solving public and/or nonprofit administration problems.

Research Assistants

Any undergraduate student, regardless of degree, is invited to apply for our research assistant positions. Available jobs are posted through Career Services. Our undergraduate researchers work on a variety of projects, including programming, entering data, and inputting surveys.

Research Interviewers

APRI conducts telephone, mail, web-based, and person-to-person surveys on behalf of local and state governments, nonprofit organizations, and private sector companies. Over the past decade, APRI has completed more than 400 surveys for different organizations across the atate and nation. We continually hire both graduate and undergraduate students of all majors who are interested in working in our telephone survey lab. Available jobs are posted through Career Services.

We currently employ up to 10 telephone interviewers who each work up to 28 hours per week. They come from a wide variety of majors, but they all have one thing in commontheir ability to complete deadlines.


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