School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA)

"My degree will allow me to work for the government or in nonprofit management or switch back and forth"

-Katie Rossman

Inspiring students to analyze, influence, and solve pressing societal concerns

U.S. Capitol photo

Think you can’t afford an internship in Washington, DC?

You might reconsider after reading Stephanie Patino-Garfias’ success story. Stephanie:

Peace offering

Wright State alum Jacquelyn Weaver gives and receives with Peace Corps stint in Africa
Jacquelyn Weaver volunteered with the Peace Corps because she wanted to relate to people and help them without being motivated by money.
Photo of Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson - teaching with heart

After taking Dr. Wilson’s  PLS 2000 Power and Politics course, student Laura Conley nominated him for an outstanding teaching award, stating he is a professor who teaches with heart and passion and who has motivated her in her pursuit of education.

Overview of SPIA

Learn about SPIA's academic programs, opportunities for students in and outside of the classroom, and more.