Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages! Our department continues to add and renew courses and choices that reflect today’s global workplace. Our language majors and minors are more excited than ever about the offerings in Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish, with multiple new courses tailored to students with interest in International Business, International Studies, Motion Pictures, Theatre and English, Criminal Justice and medical personnel.

Today’s “European languages” and “Less commonly taught languages" are vibrant and thriving, spoken all over the planet and used in every possible context. We encourage our students to study abroad through the Ambassador Programs led by our faculty or through approved semester and yearlong programs abroad. Faculty advising ensures that these experiences enhance and fulfill the student’s program requirements. Double majoring or minoring in a foreign language has almost become a requirement for a good job portfolio in today’s workplace, and savvy students are enrolling in advanced-level language courses to give them an obvious advantage on the job market. 

We look forward to meeting prospective students and parents and to renewing ties with our alumni.  

Jonathan Winkler, Chair

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