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Five Questions with an Alumnus

Chris Suttle talks about his experience at WSU and current work in CoLA

Q: How would you describe your job and what a typical day is like for you?

A: Actually I have 2 jobs.  My “day” job at Wright State can be very hectic.  I’m the technology and communication coordinator for the College of Liberal Arts.  I have to make sure that all the faculty and staff of the entire college have up-to-date and working computers and technology that stay within my allotted budget.  I also manage larger technology initiatives such as moving the entire college to a different managed print services provider (that’s happening now).  This takes a lot of communication between departments, Xerox (our new mps provider), and the WSU business office to make sure their needs are met and there is no gap in services.  I have to maintain our website.  I will often be making changes and creating content for our website to keep it up to date and relevant.  I may be training someone on how to use some sort of technology.  I oversee our social media.  We are currently developing a new strategy for that and will have a new student whose primary role will be making sure we are hitting that pretty hard.

My second job is the owner/operator of a recording studio located in downtown Dayton.  Most evenings I’ll be there working with different clients ranging from recording rock bands to recording voiceovers of NFL players.


Q: Do you feel that your education at Wright State helped qualify you for your current position?

A: Definitely.  My education at WSU taught me to seek out solutions in creative ways. That goes for both of my jobs.  I deal with so many different personality types on a daily basis that I have to be able to find creative solutions to work for those people.  One solution may not work the same way for someone else.  I feel my education helped give me a very broad scope of how the world works.  You’d be surprised when those nuggets of knowledge come in handy.


Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: I would like to see my role in CoLA grow to even more of a leadership position.  I consider myself a pretty good leader and would like to utilize those skill sets even more.

As far as the recording studio, I would like to see my recording business continue to grow and serve the Dayton and regional area even more.


Q: Which college memory stands out for you the most?

A: Starting as a freshman on campus.  There was a sense of new freedom and opportunity.  Everything was very exciting and new.  I was excited to see how self-disciplined I could be.  With all that freedom, it’s very easy to take paths that don’t lead to success.


Q: What advice would you give to current students, especially graduating seniors, regarding the professional world?

A: Work hard.  Don’t expect to make tons of money when you start a job.  You’re not entitled to anything.  That employer is hiring you to do a job.  Do that job better than anyone that has ever done that job before.  Approach every opportunity with a servant attitude and humility.




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