Meet the 2017 Wright Path Peer Mentor

Peer mentors have been positively identified by faculty and staff as a student in great standing and possessing great leadership skills. Mentors possess knowledge regarding campus and community resources which can be articulated and shared with the new students. Peer mentors are distinguished voluntary positions that are designed to provide support to new/incoming students throughout their graduate school experience. The goal of program is to foster academic excellence through peer-to-peer support. Peer mentors support their student mentees by encouraging them to embrace graduate school life and increase their knowledge about resources that will help them succeed. This year’s Peer mentor is Kissana Abner. Kissana’s ABS cumulating project, is an exploratory study of the job application process for applicants with felony records and an evaluation of the impact of felony records on job and educational attainment. The ABS program thanks him for the great work you are doing with our incoming students!