The Applied Behavioral Science (ABS) Program is a program of the College of Liberal Arts of Wright State University. The day-to-day administration of the program and the track in Criminal Justice & Social Problems is the responsibility of the Program Director who is appointed by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Program policies, curricula changes, petition approvals and general oversight reside in the Applied Behavioral Science Program Committee.

The Program Committee meets one or more times each term (excluding summer term). Committee members are nominated by the Program Director to the Dean of the College who has ultimate power over appointments. All committee members are graduate faculty members. They serve for three-year terms. The Associate Dean of the College sits as an ex officio member of the Program Committee.

Degrees in the ABS Program are approved by the Dean of the Graduate School of Wright State University and issued by the Graduate School.

The ABS Program operates under The Graduate School's rules and policies.

Applied Behavioral Science is a program that admits about twenty students every fall semester.  Required classes meet evenings and we offer about four ‘weekend seminars’ each term that count as electives.  These electives meet at least one weekend from 5-9 on Friday and 8-4 on Saturday and carry one hour of credit.  Some seminars meet multiple weekends for more credit hours.

Students generally take two years to complete their course work and their project or thesis, although it is possible to start the program in one fall and complete the program by the end of the second fall semester.  You have seven years from the start of your program to complete your degree, although you may petition for more time if necessary.