The Students

Students in the African and African American Studies program often collaborate with various departments and organizations within the university to create work that highlights salient community, nationwide, and international issues affecting the lives of peoples of African and African American descent.

BlackWomensLivesMatter_BookletCoverBlack Women's Lives Matter

Students from Dr. Judith Ezekiel's Spring 2015 Women's Studies courses, "Feminist Activism" and "Women, Gender, and Black Freedom Movements," collaborated to create a booklet that presents the lives of a dozen black women who were killed by the police or who died while in police custody, in order to argue for the inclusion of black women in the "Black Lives Matter" movement, not merely as originators and supporters of the cause but as a group that is protected and remembered within the movement in the same capacity as black men.

Black Lives Matter! But does this include Black girls and women? In the current movement, it is often assumed that the only victims, in particular when it comes to police killings, are male. Black boys and men are, no doubt, most frequently targeted, however their female counterparts are also endangered. Lack of concern about Black girls and women’s lives in our movement could be dangerously divisive. We call for solidarity with and among Black men and women, to show that all Black lives matter.

Created by: Judith Ezekiel, Tristina Allen, Stephanie Brooks, Dylan Colvin, Dana Graham, Gloria Graziano, Kathy Hayes, Jameela Henderson, Hannah Hendrix, Olivia Jackson, Ashley Johnson, Toshia Johnson, BreAnna Kusko, Matthew Luc, Tiree Moore, Carly Perkins, Stephanie Rushing, Kyle Smith, Kelsey Tingler, Taylor Walker, and Jo Wildman.

Departmental News

Feb 14, 2018
Excerpt Tyra Patterson spent 23 years in prison for a murder she says she didn't commit. She was paroled on Christmas day 2017. She has always maintained her innocence, and in recent years, the victim's sister, former jurors, and even other suspects convicted in the crime have come forward to say Tyra wasn't involved. Tuesday night, she shared her captivating story and answered questions about her case for the first time from the public, at Wright State University. The conversation at Wright...
Aug 24, 2017
Sharon Lynette Jones' new book project will take extensive research and involve visits to archives around the country.
Apr 13, 2017
Linda Caron has a wealth of experience and has been instrumental in the growth of the College of Liberal Arts — in facilities, events and programs.
Apr 4, 2017
The liberal arts Internship Partners Expo will be held April 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Millett Hall Atrium.
Jan 31, 2017
The Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center will host events celebrating Black History Month Feb. 1 to Feb. 22.
Jan 11, 2017
Wright State's 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. program takes place on campus and in Dayton from Jan. 16 to Jan. 25.
Feb 1, 2016
Wright State will celebrate Black History Month with events scheduled Feb. 1 through Feb. 25.
Jan 20, 2016
Series begins with a lecture on "Sports and the Absent History of the Harlem Renaissance" on Jan. 29 and a panel discussion on "Women and African-Americans in Baseball History" on Feb. 10.
Jan 14, 2016
As president-elect of the Student National Medical Association, Christen Johnson has spent much of the year promoting mental health awareness and leadership development.
Sep 22, 2015
The new Center for Liberal Arts Student Success (CLASS) combines advising, faculty/student relationship-building, peer mentoring and career counseling.