Graduate Programs

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Contact Dr. Randall Paul, Director of the School of Music for information regarding the graduate program in Music. He can be reached at (937) 775-2346 or via email at

Commonly Asked Graduate Student Questions

1. Dr. Paul is your official advisor.  Other faculty, like applied faculty, can also help with advising, but Dr. Paul has to process all your official paperwork.
2. Graduate Students who wish to take applied lessons have to audition for the School of Music.
3. GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistants) and GTS (Graduate Tuition Scholarships) funds are separate from the School of Music Talent Scholarships (undergraduates).
4. GTA students typically enroll for 9 credits per semester, GTS students typically enroll for 9-12 credits per semester.
5. About half way through the program all students need to file an official Program of Study with the WSU Graduate School.
6. The Thesis in music can be a document, recital, or a combination of both.  This is determined during the time of number 5 above.
7. The Oral Examination consists of a one hour exam administered by a committee of three graduate music faculty.  
The exam focuses on the student's area of specialization but may also include questions about other areas of music like music history, theory, literature, and other related topics.

Graduating Procedures
Students and Advisors need to be aware that two policies were approved by Graduate Council in academic year 2016-2017 requiring students to defend their theses (Policy 5515.1.11) or dissertations (Policy 5720.7) by the last day of Final Exam Week in order to be eligible for graduation during that semester. Students (or program coordinators) should email a copy of the defense announcement to the Graduate School ( for the student’s file. 

Students will still have the 30-day graduation grace period to submit the signed thesis or dissertation approval page to the Graduate School and to upload the thesis or dissertation to OhioLink.  Please consult the Thesis and Dissertation Handbook for correct formatting. The Graduate School also offers format checks. Students may email for feedback (usually provided within 2-3 business days) before submitting to OhioLink. Please use this signature block:

Barry Milligan, Ph.D.
Dean of the Graduate School

Finally, a student who has applied to graduate, but does not defend the thesis/dissertation by the last day of Final Exam Week, will need to notify the Graduate School by email ( The Graduate School will then inactivate the current graduation application. This action will enable the student to reapply for graduation and to register for at least one graduate credit hour.