School of Fine and Performing Arts

Recital Policies

Guide to Preparing for a Junior, Senior, or Graduate Recital

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  1. Check with your applied teacher’s availability for possible recital dates.
  2. See the School of Fine and Performing Arts Music Room Request & Room Calendar webpage for possible performance dates (get four).
  3. Check the availability of the accompanist and committee member(s).
  4. Choose a hearing date at least three weeks prior to the recital date.
  5. Confirm the hearing date with the accompanist and committee. The Recital Committee is comprised of your applied teacher plus two additional faculty members. These two faculty members must be in the music area.
  6. Complete the Recital Request Form (PDF) by obtaining all required signatures on the form.
  7. Schedule/reserve a recital date by giving the School of Fine and Performing Arts office the completed and signed Recital Request Form (PDF).
  8. Schedule a dress rehearsal with your accompanist by visiting the Room Request & Room Calendar webpage. Make sure to submit the request. 

Your applied teacher may verify all pertinent recital record information by printing out the Recital Checklist for the Applied Teacher's Records (PDF). This is optional.

  • Submit repertoire proposal, in writing, to your applied teacher; the proposal must include the following for all pieces:
    • Composition: title, movement(s), and date of composition
    • Composer’s name and dates; if still living, (b. XXXX), not (XXXX - )
    • Performance time
    • Name(s) of assisting musician(s) with instrument
  • Give music to your accompanist at least six weeks before the recital

Two Weeks Before Recital

  • Your applied teacher sends approved program as an email attachment to
  • Reserve a reception room, if desired, and send an email to the School of Fine and Performing Arts office (subject to room availability) at
  • There is no recital fee unless this is a non-degree recital.
  • Non-degree recitals must pay a fee of $130.00. One may pay this fee by going to the Music Store webpage.

One Week Before Recital

  • Confirm there is a stage manager or stage hand, and recital recorder assigned to your recital. If not, contact your applied teacher for assistance.
  • Applied teacher signs program proof indicating it is correct.

Two Days Before Recital

  • Check with SoFPA office on the status of printed programs.
  • Confirm stage worker(s) availability.

Fees and Programs

There are no fees required to perform a degree-required recital, however, non-degree recitals need to pay the $130.00 fee. This may be paid for by going to the Music Store webpage. All materials for recital programs must be submitted to the School of Fine and Performing Arts office two weeks before the recital via email.


Every student presenting a School of Fine and Performing Arts sponsored Junior, Senior, or Graduate Recital is welcome to create posters to advertise their event. Posters must be professional in appearance. Please do not place on walls, doors, or lockers in the School of Fine and Performing Arts wing of the Creative Arts Center. Posters are to be put only on designated bulletin boards. Check with the staff in the School of Fine and Performing Arts office if you are unsure of which bulletin boards you can post. Posters that do not follow these guidelines will be removed.

As a reminder, please remove all posters after the recital is complete.

Rehearsal Guidelines

  • Music for student performances must be in accompanist's possession six weeks prior to the performance or pre-hearing.
  • Staff accompanists shall arrive at all rehearsals and concerts thoroughly prepared.


Performances During Finals Week

Recitals and performances are typically not allowed during the final exam week of each semester.  

This is done for the following reasons:

  • Student workers and graduate teaching assistants are not available during that week.
  • Therefore, there is no one to be available to stage, record, usher, or otherwise help with the performance arrangements.
  • Exceptions to this policy have to be made by the chair of the School of Fine and Performing Arts and will consider the conditions above.


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