Student Services

Financial Aid

As a music major, several sources of financial aid are available to you:

Music Scholarships are awarded initially on the basis of two criteria: (1) excellence in an applied music audition, and (2) demonstration of individual potential to develop performance skills. These scholarships are not based on need, but are mostly talent-based. Auditions for continuing students are held each spring for the following academic year during juries.

Music Scholarships may be renewed each semester for up to eight semesters. Scholarships range from $500 a year to full tuition. Approximately 1/3 of all music students are on music scholarships. Please contact Dr. Randall Paul at (937) 775-2346 for more information.

Academic Requirements:

Every semester the student must:

  1. earn an A or a B in applied music and in the assigned major music ensemble
  2. not earn an X in any required music course.
  3. By the end of the second semester of full-time enrollment at WSU the freshman or transfer student must have earned a cumulative (all courses) GPA of 2.5 or better.
  4. After the second semester or 45 credit hours, the student must continue to earn a semester GPA (all courses) of 2.5 or better.
  5. Transfer students must meet the same criteria of 2.5 by the end of their second semester or completion of 45 credit hours at Wright State.

Applied Music Requirements:

  1. The student must study applied music for 2 or 4 credits per semester in the applied music area which awarded the scholarship until degree requirements have been met.  (An exception to this requirement may be made during the semester of student teaching for Music Education majors.)
  2. The student must progress satisfactorily in applied music (no retentions). In extraordinary circumstances, the Applied Board, which awarded a scholarship, may grant an exception to this policy.

Further information about Music Scholarships can be obtained from the Coordinator of Music Scholarships, Dr. Paul, at (937) 775-3785.

ARTSGALA Scholarships are special scholarships given to the departments of Music, Theatre and Art. Funding for these scholarships comes from a special event held in late March or early April of each year called the ARTSGALA. The Music, Theatre and Art departments help organize and prepare, as well as perform at this fund raising event held in the CAC.

Students must qualify for this scholarship by filing a FAFSA form, qualifying for financial need, be recommended by the faculty for superior performance ability, and qualify for in-state tuition. These scholarships are very prestigious and the students chosen receive publicity exposure at the ARTSGALA. The recipients are required to have a publicity photograph taken, at the Department’s expense, and to write a one-page biography for publicity by local media. These selected recipients are also expected to help prepare for, perform at, and be visible during the ARTSGALA.

University Scholarships are available from the university. Criteria vary with each award. Contact RaiderConnect, 108 Student Union, 775-4000 or visit the Loans, Scholarships and Grants page.

Government Grants and Loans

  • Ohio Instructional Grant
  • Basic Educational Opportunity Grant
  • National Direct Student Loan Program

Applications need to be filed with the appropriate agency. The Office of Financial Aid will supply the necessary forms and assist in their completion.

Student Employment: The Office of Financial Aid employs hundreds of students for various university jobs. Students who are financially eligible are encouraged to apply for the federally supported College Work-Study program. Work-Study pays a large percentage of the student's salary. Therefore, supervisors who have limited funds can employ up to four work-study students for every student paid with regular wages. The Music Department does have a policy of selecting work-study students over those students who are not eligible for work-study. Therefore, it may be to your advantage to determine your eligibility for this program before applying for these positions.

The School of Music employs Music majors as ensemble librarians, stage managers, recording technicians, and accompanists. All office workers must be non-music majors due to student privacy issues.

International SOS

The university has signed an agreement with which provides emergency support for faculty and students traveling abroad. If faculty are on university travel and have a travel authorization, they are eligible to use this coverage. The University Center for International Education (E190 Student Union, X5745) can provide more information about this agreement. For more information, visit the International SOS website.

Career Planning

Career planning should be an integral part of the student's preparation in the School of Music beginning with the freshman year.

The University Placement Services, 126 Student Services, offers all students various services, materials, and literature on work opportunities and job seeking.

Counseling Services

Personal problems are a common occurrence for college students. Help is available without cost from the Counseling and Wellness Services located at 053 Student Union. You may telephone (937) 775-3407 for an appointment.

Health Care and Insurance

Student Health Services, located at 051 Student Union, (937) 775-2552, is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Appointments are recommended, but not required. There is no charge to students for most services provided by the clinic. When medical service cannot be provided by the clinic, the student will be referred to an agency or specialist.

Students who do not have their own insurance policy, or who are not covered by their families' insurance program(s), are strongly urged to purchase a student insurance policy available during registration. The university does not have an insurance policy that covers a student's expenses for medical services.

Guidelines for Staff Accompanists

The School of Music employs several professional accompanists.
These individuals are available to accompany at lessons, recitals, and jury exams. 
The School of Music does not employ accompanists for summer lessons or recitals.
Questions regarding accompanists should be directed to the Coordinator of Accompanists.

Use of University Owned Instruments

University/Department instruments are to be used only by currently enrolled WSU students.  Instruments will not be rented or loaned to any person not enrolled in a School of Music ensemble and a student in good standing.

Student Instrument Check Out Procedures
In exchange for using an instrument for all or part of the current semester, you must read and adhere to the following guidelines and dates:


  • You must turn-in your instrument on or before that date
  • Instruments borrowed for Methods Classes will be distributed and collected as a class during class time
  • Instruments borrowed for use in ensembles may be renewed for an additional semester by forwarding Dr. McNamara the Library Courtesy Notice distributed 7 days prior to the due date.
  • You are responsible for the care and safety of this instrument.  Wright State University does NOT insure these instruments.  Any loss, theft, or damage beyond normal wear and tear is your responsibility.
  • Any materials that are with the instrument at check out must be returned (mouthpieces, cases, accessories, etc.) or the instrument will NOT be checked in.
  • Be aware that failure to return your instrument on time and in good working order may result in a hold on your Wright State account and a charge to your WSU account for the cost of the instrument. In addition, the balance due may be forwarded to a collection agency.
  • Do not allow others to borrow or use the instrument that you have checked out.

You will receive the following notices as your instrument due date approaches:

Courtesy notice (sent 7 days before the instrument is due by email):  Our records show this musical instrument is due in 7 days. Please contact Gretchen McNamara. To borrow the instrument for an additional semester, forward this notice to Gretchen McNamara with your request.

Overdue notice #1 (sent one day after the instrument is due by email):  Our records show this musical instrument is OVERDUE.  Please contact Gretchen McNamara .  To borrow the instrument for an additional semester, forward this notice to Gretchen McNamara with your request.

Overdue notice #2 (sent 7 days after the instrument is due by email): Our records show this musical instrument is OVERDUE.  Your library privileges are now suspended.  You will be billed for replacement costs in 7 days, and a hold will be placed on your registration and transcripts.  Please contact the Music Department at (937) 775-2346 or Gretchen McNamara.

Overdue notice #3 (sent 14 days after the instrument is due by both email and post office): Our records show this musical instrument is still OVERDUE.  This statement is a bill for replacement costs. A hold has been placed on your registration and transcripts. Any unpaid balance may be forwarded to a collection agency. Please contact the School of Music at (937) 775-2346.

Important: Please contact Dr. McNamara via email to schedule an appointment OR look for office hours to be posted outside of room 093C CA.

What do I do if I need a repair on the instrument that I have checked out?

Contact Dr. McNamara (at and tell her the specific problem that you are having, what you are using the instrument for and whether you need it back right away.

What happens when a hold is put on my account?

If there is a hold on your account (14 days overdue) you will receive the following letter in the mail:

The attached invoice was produced automatically when the instrument you borrowed from the School of Music became 14 days overdue.   

You have been billed for the cost to replace the instrument.  You do not have to pay the replacement cost if you return the material.  In 30 days, any unpaid balance may be forwarded to a collection agency.  
You have been blocked from registering for classes, dropping or adding classes, graduating and requesting transcripts. 

In order to clear the block on your registration, graduation and transcripts you must:
Return the instrument(s) directly to Gretchen McNamara in M219 during posted hours or by appointment.
Pay the School of Music the replacement cost for the instrument(s)

In order to temporarily clear the hold for the purpose of dropping and adding classes, you may call the School of Music at (937) 775-2346 during regular business hours.

If you have any questions or believe that you have received this notice in error, please call:
Gretchen McNamara
Creative Arts Center, Room 083C

Duplicating Services

Your Wright1 card (student ID card) is what you use to make photocopies on campus. Go to for more information on the Wright1 card and how to make deposits to your account in order to make copies.

Photocopiers are located in the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library and other locations on campus. Students may not use the copier in the Music office.


A tutoring service is available without charge to those students who may need extra help in a particular music class. Students who wish to use this free service should see call Folade Speaks, Director, Tutoring Services, at (937) 775-2280.