Degrees in Music


The WSU School of Music offers two degree types; (1) the Bachelor of Music (BM), and (2) the Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA)

The Bachelor of Music degree is offered to students with majors in performance, music education, and music history and literature. This degree is a professional degree that requires at least 60% of the courses to be in music.  Each student must consult with an advisor in planning a program. See the Undergraduate Catalog for details.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is intended for students who may desire a more general education, but with an emphasis in music. This degree program allows more flexibility in selection of courses than does the Bachelor of Music degree. The requirements are shown in the Undergraduate Catalog.

A curriculum sheet outlining each four-year course of study is available in the Music Office for the following degree programs:

Bachelor of Music (BM) in Performance   

  • Woodwinds
  • Brass  
  • Percussion
  • Classical Guitar
  • Strings
  • Piano
  • Organ
  • Voice

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music

Bachelor of Music (BM) in Music Education

  •  Vocal-Choral
  •  Instrumental – Band
  •  Instrumental – Orchestral

Bachelor of Music (BM) in Music History & Literature

Honors Program

The Music Honors Program was designed for students who have demonstrated the ability to do superior work both academically and musically. Eligibility to enter the program is dependent upon your current standing in the applied music major or concentration (i.e., Categories III/IIIA or IV/IVA), your grade point average (3.0 GPA overall, 3.5 GPA in all music courses), and permission of an Honors Project Director. If you are interested in attaining a Bachelor of Music Degree with Honors in Music, you are encouraged to discuss your ideas with Dr. Loranger.


The School of Music offers three Master degrees:

  • Master of Music in Music Education
  • Master of Music in Performance
  • Master of Humanities, Emphasis in Music

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The School of Music offers a Minor in music program. A description of the program can be found on the School of Music Website. 
For additional information, contact Dr. Dennis Loranger, 087A CAC.