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Change the World Curriculum

Designed to turn students into activists, the multi-year curricular initiative called Change the World, will give you the confidence and the tools to impact your world. The methodology involves three phases: Spark, Train, and Act.

Change the World will be introduced by a team-taught, interdisciplinary course--the Spark. This course will be broken into units taught by faculty from diverse areas across the university, all relating to how the discipline changes the world.

The second part of the initiative will focus on giving you the tools you need to have an impact. This is the Train part of the Spark-Train-Act equation.

The final component involves the action: the doing of something. This will be an experiential learning course culminating in a capstone project. A key part of the course will be an assessment of the impact of the undertaking.

We have identified a small pool of donor funding to try out a Train/Act course in the spring semester and begin to construct the Spark course. If the pilot is a success it can become a key feature of the university's strategic plan and a way to set Wright State apart from other institutions. And the best thing about it will be that our great students will pilot many world-changing ideas right here in the Dayton region, as Wright State follows in the footsteps of the Wright Brothers and continues to serve the community we call home.


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