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Minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

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Why Choose Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies?

The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program (MEI) provides you with an opportunity to minor in a multidisciplinary concentration of courses incorporating the fields of Arabic, Islam, and Middle Eastern history, religion, and politics. The program is geographically focused on what today forms the Arab world, Iran, Israel, and Turkey in the period after the advent of Islam in the seventh century. You will have the opportunity to acquire a depth of knowledge in a region and a faith rich in language, culture and religious practice, which are as central to the dynamics of history as they are to current political and economic affairs.  

If you are interested in this program, contact the coordinator of the MEI minor, Awad Halabi.


A minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies can help open the door to a variety of fascinating careers, including:

  • Security analyst 
  • Government (State Department) foreign area diplomacy specialist
  • Immigration services

Real-World Experience

You will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience through internships, even during your undergraduate work.

Arabic Language / Summer Abroad / Internship Programs

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Academics and Curriculum

View the Minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program information and requirements in the Academic Catalog.


If you are a current student, go to the WINGS Express Major/Minor change request form or talk to your advisor about adding a minor.

Lecture Series 

The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Lecture Series is designed to promote the discussion on campus of the Middle East and Islam and introduce students to the cultures, politics and religions in the Middle East.

Photo Gallery of the Middle East Region


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