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Minor in Medical Humanities and Health Studies

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Why Choose Medical Humanities and Health Studies?

The medical humanities and health studies (MHHS) minor examines medicine, health, and illness from a range of humanities and social science perspectives. All the liberal arts disciplines contribute to our understanding of the human experience of illness, suffering, mortality, and the role of the healer. The MHHS minor invites students in pre-health programs, liberal arts, business, and STEM fields to complement their majors with this interdisciplinary and humanistic area of study.

Health care is an urgent concern worldwide. Today, health care professionals must confront controversial policies governing access and affordability, ethical challenges posed by new technologies and treatment opportunities, and global health needs rooted in resource disparities. The interdisciplinary liberal arts perspective of the MHHS minor equips you with broad-ranging skills necessary to compete in today’s increasingly complex health care field.

For more information about the MHHS minor, contact Dr. Ava Chamberlain.


Health care is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy. Today, effective health systems involve not only physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, but also personnel trained in the biomedical and social sciences, public health, engineering, business, law, management, public relations, and the humanities. The MHHS minor provides students with a strong foundation for a variety of fulfilling career paths.

Academics and Curriculum

View Minor in Medical Humanities and Health Studies program information and requirements in the Academic Catalog.


To be admitted into the MHHS minor, you must:

  • have been admitted to a major subject at Wright State
  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

If you are a current student and meet these requirements, go to the WINGS Express Major/Minor change request form or talk to your advisor about adding a minor.


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