Master of Music in Performance (Choral Conducting)

Audition Requirements

Level One: Initial Application

Those interested in the Master of Music in Performance (Choral Conducting) degree program should contact Dr. Hank Dahlman, Director of Choral Studies, to discuss the program and the application process prior to applying.

  1. Complete application on file with Wright State University Graduate School.
  2. Complete application on file with the WSU School of Music, Graduate Studies in Music program.
  3. Professional portfolio, including:
    • Letter of interest and intent, summarizing past professional experiences and future plans.
    • Resume, including educational preparation, relevant employment history, list of honors, awards, creative activity, and repertoire list.
    • Choral repertoire list, categorized by selections conducted in performance, rehearsal-only, and those studied in classes, seminars and/or master classes but not performed or rehearsed.
    • Video sample (no less than ten minutes and no more than twenty minutes total time) of candidate conducting 2 works of contrasting styles in both performance and rehearsal.  Video may be submitted as a DVD or online via YouTube or other video site.
    • Audio or video sample (no less than 5 minutes and no more than 10 minutes) of applicant performing two contrasting selections on their principal applied area of study (voice, piano, or other instrumental).  May be submitted as CD, DVD, or online.
    • Three letters of recommendation from professional musicians and/or educators relating to the candidate’s choral conducting skills and suitability for graduate study.

Level Two: On-Campus Auditions of Finalists

After receipt of the materials listed in Level One (above), finalists will be selected by the conducting faculty and invited to campus for a live audition and interview. Those invited on campus for an audition will do the following during their audition on campus.

  1. Interview(s) with conducting faculty.
  2. Vocal audition (two short songs in contrasting styles:  one needs to be in a foreign language, preferably German, Italian or French; memory not required.  Please bring two scores of each selection).
  3. Musicianship test:  sight-singing and keyboard skills
  4. Conducting audition: Conduct the Wright State Collegiate Chorale for approximately 30-35 minutes to include the following:
    • Warmup
    • Faure: Libera me movement from Requiem
    • Benjamin Britten: Rejoice in the Lamb, second section (pages 4-10: "Let Nimrod the mighty hunter...").


  • Accompanist provided by WSU.
  • Scores provided by WSU, upon request.
  • Finalists should allow a full day (morning and afternoon) for their audition.

For further information, contact:
Dr. Hank Dahlman, Professor and Director, Choral Studies
School of Music
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435
(937) 775-3721