Jobs for the Music Graduate


  • Public Relations Counselor
  • Publicist
  • Music Journalist


  • College/University Professor
  • Music Supervisor
  • Private Instrument Teacher
  • Public School Teacher
  • Music Therapist

Recording and Record Business

  • Artist and Repertoire Coordinator
  • Promotion Manager
  • Staff Publicist
  • Consumer Researcher
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Arranger

Radio and Television

  • Program Director
  • Music Director
  • Disc Jockey
  • Video Jockey

Arenas, Facilities, Halls and Clubs

  • Concert Hall Manager
  • Stage Manager
  • Nightclub Manager

Music Retailing

  • Music Shop Manger
  • Instrument Sales Representative
  • Rack Jobber

The Business End of the Industry

  • Personal Manager
  • Booking Agent
  • Concert Promoter
  • Music Publisher
  • Business Manager

Symphonies, Orchestra, Operas, etc.

  • Conductor
  • Section Leader
  • Opera Singer
  • Managing Director
  • Subscription and Ticket Sales Director
  • Orchestral Music Librarian

Talent and Writing

  • Recording Group
  • Dance Band
  • Background Vocalist
  • Songwriter


  • Tour Coordinator
  • Sound Technician
  • Road Manager

Instrument Repair, Restoration and Design

  • Musical Instrument Builder and Designer
  • Instrument Repair and Restoration Specialist
  • Piano Tuner-Technician
  • Bow Repairer and Restorer

Church Music

  • Choir Director
  • Organist

Though the training provided by a music degree is a large part of the qualifications for many of these careers, additional training in business and personnel management is often an advantage, as is the acquisition of computer skills.

For specific information on various careers visit the Careers in Music page on the Berklee College of Music website.

To find out more about specific occupations, including job description, working conditions, earnings, training requirements, and employment outlook, consult The Occupational Outlook Handbook available at your local library. The Dunbar Library at Wright State has a reference book entitled Career Opportunities in the Music Industry 5th edition, by Shelly Field.