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Fall 2020 Operations Update for the School of Music

Message from the Chair

Dear School of Music students,

I hope that you all have had a restful and enjoyable summer break. We are only a few weeks away from the beginning of the fall semester here at the Wright State University School of Music. As we look forward to the start of Fall 2020, I have composed a list of informational topics that I hope will provide you with a clearer picture of what to look forward to as we begin classes. In the coming weeks, you will be presented with a wide variety of updated information. Please continue to monitor the official campus website for the most up-to-date information regarding housing, personal safety, and planning.

As you probably already know, Wright State will resume on-campus operations and classes this fall. Although the format will be different than in previous semesters, it will include a mix of in-person, hybrid, and remote/online courses. Know that we in the School of Music are following the strictest of protocols on safety and best practice advice that is currently available. For more information on the university’s plans, visit the fall planning website.

What does that mean for students in the School of Music?

It means that we’ll have a variety of instructional formats in use, as we look to continue doing what we do in the performing arts while focusing on your health and safety. Our courses will be presented in a number of formats including:

  • Traditional in-person
  • Online (asynchronous and synchronous online delivery)
  • Remote-online (online with synchronous/scheduled class “meetings”)
  • Hybrid (mix of online and in-person instruction)

Here’s what to expect in a few areas that will be of most concern to you:

Ensembles Statements

Choral Ensembles

  • WSU Choirs (Collegiate, Men’s, and Women’s Chorales) will meet as HYBRID and synchronous with the regular class schedule. Similarly, no performances are planned or anticipated until deemed safe and appropriate to do so. Returns to face-to-face instruction or performances will be made in consultation with the Chair of the School of Music and the other WSU choral directors. As appropriate and at the discretion of each choir director, auditions may be held remotely and are open to any WSU student. Incoming freshman voice majors will be automatically assigned to either the Men’s or Women’s Chorale as their required ensemble, but are permitted to audition for Collegiate Chorale as an additional elective choir. Transfer and returning upper class voice majors will audition for Collegiate Chorale, which will be their new required choir, pending a successful audition. Transfers and upper class voice majors not placed in Collegiate Chorale, are automatically assigned to the Men’s or Women’s Chorales.

  • NON-MUSIC MAJORS (WSU Choirs are open to membership to any student regardless of college major.) If you are NOT a music major but interested in performing in one or more of our bands, please contact

  • Collegiate Chorale (Rehearses MWF 1:25-2:20 pm) [MUE 4990]
  • Men’s Chorale (Rehearses MWF 10:10-11:05 am) [MUE 2930/4930]
  • Women’s Chorale (Rehearses MWF 10:10-11:05 am) [MUE 2940/4940]

Wind Band Ensembles

  • Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony will be held mostly remotely (very limited face-to-face contact) and meet with a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous meetings. There will be no indoor performances, and the possibility of a live, outdoor concert is pending on weather and safety/health protocols. There will be no face-to-face band auditions this fall (see below).
  • MUSIC MAJORS & MINORS; your studio teacher will be in touch with you to determine your placement in either Wind Symphony or Concert/Symphonic Band.
  • NON-MUSIC MAJORS (WSU Bands are open to membership to any student regardless of college major.)
    If you are NOT a music major but interested in performing in one or more of our bands, please contact
  • Concert/Symphonic Band (Rehearses TR 2:00 - 3:20 pm) [MUE 2660/4660]
  • Wind Symphony (Rehearses MWF 2:30 - 4:00 pm) [MUE 2690/4690]
  • Jazz Band (Rehearses TR 11:00 am - 12:20 pm) [MUE 2680/4680]
  • Pep Band (Rehearses W 6:10 - 9:00 pm) [MUE 2670/4670]

Chamber Orchestra and University Orchestra

  • In order to prevent the continuous spread of the COVID-19 virus and to keep our students and faculty safe, the orchestra program will consist of strings only for fall semester. If rehearsal space allows and repertoire calls for percussions, these instruments may be added. Masks are required for students and faculty, and need to be worn at all times during rehearsals. There will be no shared stands and every member of the orchestra needs to maintain a safe distance of six feet apart from others. Performances, if possible, will be live-streamed.

Jazz Ensemble

  • This fall, Jazz Ensemble will be held mostly remotely (very limited face-to-face contact) and meet with a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous meetings. The focus will be on jazz combo and, when performances are possible, combos will be doing the performances. There will be no indoor performances, and the possibility of a live, outdoor concert is pending on weather and safety/health protocols. 
  • There will be no face-to-face band auditions this fall. Instead, please submit a recorded audition to this folder Jazz Ensemble Audition 2020. This folder also contains PDF files for audition music for each instrument. As always, playing a jazz solo over Bb blues is not required but highly encouraged. The music for this portion is in different files in the same folder, and the solo can be recorded with this YouTube play-along: Bb Blues (110bpm) : Backing track, or with another play-along of your choice, or no accompaniment at all. Please forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested in auditioning, and have them email me with any questions at

Pep Band

  • Pep Band will meet face-to-face with social distancing protocols. For information on auditions, please contact Mr. Matt Weaver at



  • Limited concerts, Junior/Senior/Graduate Recitals, and Juries will proceed
  • However, limited/ no audiences at this time
  • Increased online streaming presence, as well as recordings will occur


  • Lessons will be held in a variety of formats, ranging from in-person, to hybrid, to remote.
  • Applied lesson instructors will work with each individual student to determine the best, and most comfortable method of delivery. 

Practice Rooms

  • We plan to maintain practice room access throughout the semester.
  • There will also be guidelines and limitations for safety purposes.

Classroom Courses

  • Traditional “lecture” types of classes will be taught in one of a number of formats: ranging from in-person to hybrid to online/remote.
  • By limiting many of our in-person offerings, we will have more ability to socially distance, increasing our safety, while still maintaining the high quality of our programs

Practice room key and locker sign out

  • It is not too early to pay for your locker and practice room key.
  • You will need to purchase a practice room key in order to access our practice rooms
  • You will need to purchase your key and locker at the School of Music Store and show your receipt in order to receive your key, locker location, and lock
  • You may purchase these items at the School of Music Store.

This Fall

  • There will be health and safety guidelines in place to help fight the spread of COVID-19.
  • Social Distancing will be in effect both in and outside of class.
  • Masks will be required when not eating, drinking, playing, or singing.
  • Other policies and procedure will be put into place.
  • We will all need to work together to stay safe.

How do I know which of my classes might be moving online/remote/hybrid?

  • The university has made these changes. Although the possibility that some of the delivery options may change between now and the start of classes, most of the updated methods of course delivery have been updated in the course catalog. Sign on to WINGS Express, locate your courses, and read the information listed under “Attribute.” It will explain the type of delivery each particular course will be presented.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty in all of our lives. I realize that there will be many more questions that will arise in the coming days. I wish I could give you every detail for Fall 2020, but the University is paying close attention to constantly changing virus trends and health recommendations. Both Wright State University and the School of Music are putting flexible plans into place that prioritize student, faculty and staff safety, while also helping us to realize the highest level of instruction for everyone associated with the School of Music. Please stay tuned for more information from the university.

It is my hope that these remaining weeks will be filled with many memorable experiences for you, as you prepare to begin your studies this fall. I am looking forward to the start of classes, and to meeting all of the new and returning student to the School of Music.

All my best,

Dr. Zehringer's portrait

Dr. Daniel L. Zehringer
Chair and Professor
School of Music
Wright State University


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