Undergraduate Students FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions. If your question is not in the list, send an email to music@wright.edu and put FAQ in the subject line. We will answer it for you.

New & Prospective Students

  • How do I become a music student?

    If you are interested in pursuing a career in a music-related field, you should consider being a music major.
    This will require a special application to the School of Music and an audition.
    The application process, along with an online application, is in the Admissions section of our site.

    The auditions scheduled this year for students starting college in the Fall are:

    Admission and Scholarship Consideration

    • Saturday, February 3, 2018
    • Saturday, March 10, 2018

    Admission Only

    • Saturday, April 7, 2018

    If you are planning to major in another area but would like to continue to perform in a music ensemble there are many opportunities to do so. Some of these Ensembles accept student by audition but other ensembles are open to any student and only require the student to register for the class. Auditions for those ensembles that require an audition are all done during the first week of classes in the Fall semester of each year.

  • If I'm not a music major, may I take classes in the School of Music?

    Absolutely! There are a variety of classes in music open to students majoring in areas other than music. Some of these are ensembles (see above). Others are an option for General Education. Still others are available for general interest. Check the Undergraduate Catalog for specifics. View courses in Music (MUS), Music: Applied Music (MUA), Music: Ensembles (MUE).

  • How well do I need to be able to play an instrument or sing to become a music major?

    Someone interested in pursuing a career in music should have a serious commitment to music. Typically this includes several years of musical study and performance on their instrument/voice. This is the reason for the music audition that is required for acceptance as a music major. We want all students who are accepted as music majors to be successful.

    There are occasions, however, when this type of preparation has not occurred. If you feel there are special circumstances in your case, contact someone (Amy Neace or a member of the faculty) in the School of Music.

  • Does the School of Music offer scholarships?

    Yes! The same audition that is used to enter the School of Music may also be used to qualify for a scholarship. All scholarships are based on merit, and some are based also on financial need. Scholarships auditions are scheduled for the first 2 audition days of the year. If you are interested you need to audition on one of these days. Funds left over may be awarded at a later date, but this is not guaranteed.

  • Do I need to audition to become a music student?

    Yes. The auditions scheduled this year (for students starting college in Fall) are:

    Admission and Scholarship Consideration

    • Saturday, February 3, 2018
    • Saturday, March 10, 2018

    Admission Only

    • Saturday, April 7, 2018

    Complete the School of Music application under the Admissions tab to select an audition date.


  • Does the School of Music offer graduate degrees?

    Yes. There are three different degrees

    • Master of Music in Music Education
    • Master of Music in Performance
    • Master of Humanities in Music

    Go to the School of Music Graduate Programs Overview page for more information.

  • Who are the applied faculty in the School of Music?

    Applied instructors are listed by area in the People section of our website.

  • Now that I have been accepted to WSU and the School of Music, how do I register for fall classes and get credit for transfer classes, AP, and College Credit Plus?

    Wright State holds several summer orientation sessions. During these sessions, you will meet other incoming students, learn about the campus and university, and meet a music advisor who will help you register for fall classes and answer all your questions. You will find out about these sessions through a mailing from Orientation.

    If you have Transfer courses, Advanced Placement courses, or College Credit Plus courses, the music advisor will help you schedule with these in mind.

    The most commonly asked questions relate to MUS 1010 Music Theory.  

    A significant percentage of School of Music freshman come to WSU with some knowledge of Music Theory. This knowledge comes from private study, courses in high school, AP courses, and College Credit Plus courses. We recommend that every incoming music major should have a meeting with our freshman theory advisor, Steven Aldredge. He will access your skills and make sure that your are correctly placed.

    Some students are able to test out of some or all of MUS 1010, this is why our degrees require MUS 1010 as a pre-requesite for MUS 1020 (Spring Semester). If you are not confident about your theory skills i.e., part writing, chordal analysis, keys, scales, and other basic fundamentals, we strongly suggest that you take MUS 1010.

    This course will strengthen your foundation and prepare you for the more advanced theory courses.

  • When will I audition for the various School of Music ensembles?

    Auditions for all vocal and instrumental ensembles take place during the first week, sometimes, as early as the first day, of fall classes. In late August, ensemble directors will send you a letter with more details regarding auditions.

  • Who do I contact if I need a school-loaned instrument?

    The School of Music has loan instruments available to music students. There is a fee for the use of these instruments and it is usually difficult to use them over the summer because that is when they are sent out for maintenance and repair. For more information on loaned instruments, contact Dr. Gretchen McNamara, include University Instrument in the subject line.


  • What kind of concerts does your school sponsor?

    While there are a great many different types of music, in general our performances are of “Classical” music.

  • How do I get tickets to School of Music performances?

    Contact the Creative Arts Center Box Office at (937) 775-2500.


  • Where can I find a list of the School of Music concerts and recitals?

    Visit the Calendar section of our site for a list of the School of Music concerts and recitals.