Independent Study

Both the procedures of the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Music, listed below, must be followed before a student may register for and complete an Independent Study in the School of Music.

Procedure for Independent Study Classes

(MUS 4810/6810 – Advanced Studies in Special Subjects)

If a student needs/wants to do an Independent Study the following procedure needs to be followed before the student may register for this class.

  1. Student must contact a teacher and have them agree to oversee the project. (Instructors are not compensated for their time on these projects)
  2. Both student and faculty must fill out the CoLA Independent Study Form, below.
  3. The form must include detail about:
    • meeting times
    • clear expectations
    • grading policy
    • basis for evaluation
    • deadlines
    • any other pertinent information
      In lieu of this information, a detailed syllabus may be attached.
  4. The student, faculty and the School Director all must sign the form before it is submitted.
  5. The form is sent to CoLA and kept on file.
  6. This class and instructor is added to the system.
  7. At this point, the student may register for the class.
  8. At the completion of the class, a copy of the project must be given to the School Director for audit purposes.
  9. Instructor can give a grade.

Application for Undergraduate and Graduate Independent Study (PDF)