Audition Day

What to expect while you're here

Schuster Hall stage


Click for Directions to Wright State and Parking on Campus

From Colonel Glenn Highway, take Center Road and go to Lot 13; park anywhere in the lot, with the exception of the handicapped spaces unless you have a handicap plackard. All auditions and other events of the day will take place in the Creative Arts Center.

General Schedule for Auditions

Time Event Where
8:30am - 9:00am All Students Check-In Commons Area
9:00am - 9:30 am Talk by Dr. Paul Schuster Hall
9:30am Auditions begin; check your personal
schedule for your exact time
Throughout the day Piano Placement M360 CAC
10:00am & 12:00pm Theory Placement  
TBA Tour of the Creative Arts Center (CAC) Meet in the Commons Area
Throughout the day Coffee/Refreshments - to relax M146 CAC

Event Locations

Event Location
Brass auditions M152 Creative Arts Center
Piano/Strings auditions M348 Creative Arts Center
Percussion auditions M162 Creative Arts Center
Vocal auditions Recital Hall
Woodwind auditions M244 Creative Arts Center
Keyboard Placement M360 Creative Arts Center
Theory Placement  
Coffee/Refreshments M146 Creative Arts Center

What you will do on your audition day

  • In addition to the actual audition/performance for acceptance into the School of Music, the audition day is an opportunity to meet the music faculty, to learn more about what it means to be a music major at Wright State University and to hear of the many exciting opportunities that are available for WSU music students.
  • The Creative Arts Center will open at 8:00 am for warming-up and learning your way around the building. When you arrive at the Creative Arts Center you will check in and receive a schedule of activities for your audition day. Your parents or a friend are welcome to accompany you to the audition day, however, the audition itself and the diagnostic tests are closed to everyone except you and the faculty hearing your audition and administering the tests.
  • All auditionees, parents, and guests will be invited into the Concert Hall for the start of the Audition Day schedule which will begin with a welcome by Dr. Randall Paul, the chair of the School of Music. He will go over the schedule for the day and answer any questions you might have for him. He will also give a talk and answer questions about scholarships and financial aid.
  • While you are here, you will be given a piano placement test and a music theory test. These tests are diagnostic and the results will only be used to place you in the appropriate section of the keyboarding/piano class and a music theory class in the fall along with other students of a similar skill level. While we want you to do your best on these examinations, your results on these tests will not affect in any way your acceptance into the School of Music.
  • Those items listed as "TBA" in the schedule, above, will have exact times when you receive your personal schedule the day of your audition.
  • You will be able to take a tour of the school to show you our facilities and where you will be spending much of your time while at Wright State.
  • The audition itself will take approximately 30 minutes and includes performing the pieces on your audition repertoire card as well as scales, sight reading and a short interview with the faculty hearing your audition.
  • You will have time to warm-up in one of our practice rooms before your audition and, if you are using our accompanist, he or she will have time to work with you before the audition.
  • As with any type of audition/performance there will undoubtedly be some stress involved. As much as possible, however, the faculty, staff, and students of the School of Music want you to relax while you are here. We want you not only to perform at your best level, but also to meet us, to learn about our school and university, and to see and hear why we are excited about Wright State University.