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Position: Conductor – Springfield Youth Chamber Orchestra (posted 5/21/18)
For more than 60 years the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (SSO) Youth Orchestra program has provided a quality educational experience for young musicians, and is one of the few opportunities in Clark and surrounding counties for students to play in full orchestral and chamber orchestra settings. The Springfield Youth Chamber Orchestra (SYCO)- the organization's intermediate level ensemble- serves string players in a group performance experience that introduces them to string literature with a focus on ensemble skills. Rehearsals for SYCO and all other SYO ensembles are held during the school year on Monday evenings at the John Legend Theater in downtown Springfield, with Fall and Spring semester performances also taking place in downtown Springfield.
Introduction: The person(s) serving as Conductor of one or more of the Youth orchestras is hired by and is under contract to the Springfield Symphony Orchestra Association. The Conductor, an at will position, is responsible to and subject to the direct supervision of the Executive Director, with artistic guidance of the SSO Music Director. Except for those duties specifically retained by the Board, the Conductor shall be responsible for the supervision of all artistic operations of the assigned Youth orchestra(s) and the maintenance of the artistic quality of performances. The Conductor shall work in cooperation with the SSO Board of Trustees, SSO Operations & Education Director, SSO Music Director & Conductor and the Springfield Youth Orchestras Parents Association and within any guidelines established by the SSO Board of Trustees and the subsidiary SYO Parents Association.
Compensation: Compensation shall be defined and specified under a written Employment Letter of Agreement Contract between the SSO Association and the holder of the position. Compensation and performance shall be reviewed annually.
Specific Responsibilities: Duties include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following areas.
Artistic Selection and Performance
  • Plans, rehearses and conducts performances of the appropriate Youth orchestra. This includes the selection of works to be performed and stage setup to present the orchestra at its best acoustically and visually. As the occasion arises through seasonal planning a Youth orchestra may, however, perform under the baton of the SSO Music Director & Conductor.
  • Conducts auditions, selects all playing personnel and determines seating within each section of the orchestra.
  • Develops and maintains the total artistic and educational quality of the orchestra and advises the SSO Executive Director on matters that concern the overall development of all three youth orchestras as an artistic and educational entity.
  • Continues the development and enhancement of personal musical skills.

Administrative/Educational Activities

  • Adheres to any and all relevant personnel and budgetary policies established by the Board of Trustees.
  • Maintains communications with administrative and artistic staff in the most convenient way available in order to advise the Association regarding artistic, musical personnel and related matters.
  • Will assist with contacting local music educators and private teachers in order to help with SYO student recruitment.
  • Others, as may be assigned by the Board, following consultation with the Executive Director. Newly assigned job responsibilities shall be documented in writing and placed as an attachment to this Position Description.

Changes to the Position Description: All parties to it recognize the dynamic evolutionary status of this Position Description. However, changes, additions or deletions may be made only under certain conditions.

  • During the contractual employment period of a Conductor, changes, as assigned by the Board following consultation with the Executive Director and Conductor/SSO Music Director, shall appear in writing in this Position Description. Only then may the Conductor be held accountable for changed or added responsibilities.
  • Between contractual employment periods or in anticipation of a renewed contractual employment period for the current Conductor, changes, as assigned by the Board following consultation with the Executive Director, shall appear in writing in this Position Description. Only then may the Conductor be held accountable for changed or added responsibilities.
  • Prior to the search for and replacement of a Conductor, the Board of Trustees may make changes to this Position Description.
The Personnel Committee shall periodically review the Conductor Position Description for content and currency and report its findings to the Executive Committee/Board for information and/or recommended action.
Interested candidates should e-mail resume, cover letter, and list of (3) references to:
Nomi Marcus
Education & Outreach Manager
Springfield Symphony Orchestra
(937) 325-8100
Applications will receive consideration if received by no later than June 15, 2018.
For more information, please visit: