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Final Exam Schedule
The final exam schedule for current year.

Exceptions to Final Exam Schedule

It is Wright State policy that Faculty Members shall use the final examination period for its intended purpose by administering exams or leading other culminating class experiences during the final examination time period designated by the Registrar, unless the appropriate Departmental Chair or Dean has provided written approval for a deviation from this requirement.  

In the School of Music certain classes or ensembles, because of the length of testing times required for each individual student, need time above and beyond the stated final examination period given by the registrar.  Such classes include, but are not limited to, applied lessons (juries), musicianship, theory, and other lab classes.

This site has information for staging and recording student workers, and students and faculty who have a concert or recital scheduled. You will find:

  • Informational resources for recital workers
  • The returning workers training quiz

Note: This is not the offical School of Music Calendar; the school calendar can be found on in the Calendar tab, above.

The forms found here are frequently needed by both music students and faculty.

Student Complaints
This is the official Student Complaint Policy and Proceedure for the College of Liberal Arts