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Bachelor of Arts in Art History

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Why Choose Art History?

You can explore the dynamic contexts and motivations for the creation of art and its significance to human cultures across time while earning a degree in art history at Wright State. You will benefit from this interdisciplinary program’s examination of our visual past, studying the nature of human creativity and culture through contexts provided by the sister disciplines of music, theater, and dance. Your courses will often link social and written history, archaeology, critical theory, gender studies, philosophy, and even science and mathematics. You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree or add a minor to your existing major.


You can prepare for a wide range of careers, both within and beyond the arts, at Wright State. Develop research skills, critical analysis, and effective written and oral communication. Then find employment at galleries, museums, auction houses, archives, and cultural institutions. You might also work in visual resource management, historic preservation, appraisal, cultural tourism, and publishing. You might also prepare for graduate study in other fields, including education, law, or business.

Real-World Experience

You can apply and refine the skills you’ve acquired in real-world situations with area arts organizations though internships coordinated by the Department of Art and Art History. Expand your sense of how and where an education in the visual arts can be applied. Organizations that have offered internships in the past to students like you include, among others, the Dayton Art Institute, Dayton Visual Arts Center, and K-12 Gallery.

Success Stories

Marnie Leist , a 2001 art history graduate, is curator of collections at the Alutiiq Museum in Kodiak, Alaska and recently published a book on the recovery of artifacts from an Alutiiiq archaeological site.

Academics and Curriculum

View the Bachelor of Arts in Art History program information, degree requirements, and graduation planning strategy in the Academic Catalog.


Review the admission requirements and complete the admission application. Identify whether you will be majoring in art history.

If you are a current student and wish to change majors, go to the WINGS Express major/minor change request form and change your major. If you are an undecided/exploratory student, talk to your advisor about majoring in art history.


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