CELIA (Collaborative Education, Leadership, and Innovation in the Arts)

Shengrong Cai

Recognition Year: 

Voices from Multiple Perspectives: International Students’ Academic English Proficiency Development when Transitioning from English Language Programs to Academic

With the increasing number of international students enrolled at Wright State as well as other universities in the U.S., it is necessary to track their development of academic English skills. The proposed project will take a multiple perspective case study approach to examine the development of academic English proficiency of a few selected international students during their first year of academic programs in the university. Data will be collected from observations of the students’ participation in academic courses, analyses of their speech and writing samples, and interviews with the students. Supplementary data will be drawn from interviews with academic faculty members who have regularly worked with these students. The results will help us to better understand the major challenges that first-year international students face and shed light on the possible collaborations between ESL faculty and academic faculty that can help better serve new international students.



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