Visual Resources Center

The Visual Resource Center is now closed.  Please email Dr. Hillard or Dr. Huebner for access to the collection.

The Visual Resource Center has physical collections inside our location on the third floor of the Creative Arts Center.  Our digital image collections are available via ARTstor.


We have over 800 volumes in the collection.  Check out our online catalog on the LibraryThing website.  Books can be checked out.  Please visit during our open hours or search the online catalog.  After hours pick-up arrangements can be made upon request.  Current textbooks can only be used inside the VRC.


Journals - Can be checked out.  Please visit during our open hours or contact us via email to make after hours arrangements.

Journal Holdings
Active Journals  
American Art Review 1973 - Present
Art Bulletin 1967 - Present
Art in Print 2015 - Present
Art Journal 1971 - Present
Creative Quarterly 2008 - Present
Modern Painters 1997 - Present
New American Paintings

2011 - Present

Professional Artist 1995 - Present
Inactive Journals  
African Arts 1971-2007
After Image 1994-1997
American Arts Quarterly 1991-1997
Aperture 1978-2000
Architectural Digest 1992-2005
Archives of American Art 2004-2011
Art and Antiques 2001-2016
Art Byte 1998-2001
Art Forum 1973-2016
Art in America 1964-2016
Art International 1965-1983
Art News 1968-2016
Art Newspaper 2003-2010
Art Scribe 1986-1991
Arts Magazine 1974-2009
Art on Paper 1997-2009
Arts of Asia 1987-2002
Camera 1970-1980
Contemporanea 1988-1991
Daylight Magazine 2004-2012
Dialogue 1984-2004
Double Take 1995-2002
Exposure 1980-1997
Flash Art 1984-1994
Modern 2016-2017
New Art Examiner 1984-2002
Orientations 2010-2011
Photo District News 1999-2000
Print Collector's Newsletter 1975-1996
Tema Celeste 1989-1992
Women's Art Journal 1992-2004


































Slides and Slide Equipment

Slides - 35mm slides, slide projectors, and slide carousels.  Please contact the VRC in advance for slide collection use. 


Files for Download


333 Creative Arts Center [Art Wing]
Contact the Visual Resources Center for questions and after hours appointments.