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Scholarships for Incoming Students

Scholarships are based on both financial need and talent. They will be awarded based on a review of portfolios as well as an assessment of your high school transcripts, references, and financial need.

Scholarships are given for the first two years at Wright State, up to $3,000 per year. After the initial two-year period, you will be eligible for the Art Department’s talent scholarships for continuing students.


  • You must be an incoming student (not a transfer student).
  • You must remain an art major; the scholarship will be rescinded if you choose to major in another area.

How to Apply

  • Deliver a portfolio (consisting of a maximum of 20 works, no more than 10 in any one medium); a list of two references with contact information who can speak to your artistic accomplishments; and a high school transcript to the Art Department office. All works in the portfolio should be clearly labeled on the back with your name, address, and phone number.
  • While original works are preferred, you have the option of turning in unframed originals or digital files (in jpg or pdf format) on a thumb drive.
  • Portfolio and application materials can be dropped off February 15–17, 2021, between 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. at the Art Department office in the Creative Arts Center, room 127 CAC.
  • Portfolios should be picked up by February 26, 2021. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. The portfolio must be clearly labeled with your name, address, and phone number.

Any questions? Call Glen Cebulash, Chair and Professor, Art and Art History Department, at 937-775-3547

Scholarships for Continuing Students

Studio Art Majors

The Department of Art and Art History will award a limited number of Special Talent Scholarships to both full-time and part-time continuing studio majors who will be enrolled during the Fall and Spring semesters of 2021–2022. If you are a B.F.A. candidate who has a minimum of 12 hours but not more than 59 hours within the department (not more than 39 for the B.A. candidate), you are eligible to apply. Your total number of hours includes those courses for which you are enrolled for Spring Term.

You are strongly encouraged to fill out a FASFA each year, even if you believe you don’t qualify for financial aid. It may open avenues to other scholarship opportunities, but does not disqualify you if you don’t apply. 

Studio majors may receive a total of three special talent scholarship awards during your matriculation toward a degree. To be eligible to re-apply for a scholarship, B.F.A. and B.A. candidates must complete a minimum number of credits in the department during the ensuing year(s). Following the spring semester of your special talent award, scholarship recipients must earn a minimum of 12 credit hours in studio art in the Department of Art and Art History, including credit hours for courses in progress (Spring Term) at the time of your next portfolio review application.

Portfolios may include a maximum of 20 works, with no more than 10 in any one of the following media: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and photography. Sculptures may be represented by slides or digital images. Only work done since the last scholarship portfolio review is eligible. Only work done while at Wright State is eligible.

Scholarship applications will be available for pickup in the Art Department February 22–March 10, 2021, and will be emailed to all art students by February 22.  Submission dates are March 8–10, 2021, and portfolios can be dropped off at the Art Office.

Art History Majors


You must

  • Be an art history major with between 12 and 30 hours in art history, 
including current semester hours
  • Have a financial need form (FAFSA) 
on file.

How to Apply

Scholarship Applications will be available for pickup in the Art Department February 22–March 10, 2021, and will be emailed to all Art students by February 22. You can drop off your complete application packet March 8–10, 2021 at the Art Office.


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