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You can earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with a concentration in art and art history through Wright State's Department of Art and Art History. The B.A. is for you if you wish to combine a liberal arts education with studies in art. You can also pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree with concentrations in painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture, if you have decided to pursue a more intense and professional program in studio art.

B.F.A. degrees can be combined with an art education component or allow you to supplement your Fine Arts education with a Graphic Arts certificate from Wright State's Lake Campus. The Graphic Arts Certificate is designed for the art student interested in supplementing the curriculum with graphics-based technology courses. It will increase their knowledge and career potential in a variety of art-related fields. Students will gain hands-on experience through a variety of digital graphics-based software programs. Students may also pursue certificates in graphic design or interior design from Sinclair Community College.

Many graduates of these programs are successful applicants to graduate programs in fine and applied arts and education. Because self-expression and self-learning are the ultimate goals of the B.F.A. program, you are largely responsible for determining the options that best meet your needs and interests.

In the studio area, studies begin with introductory courses in drawing, 2D and 3D foundations, photography, and art history. These courses were designed for the beginning artist and guide your development in the visual arts. The program helps you expand and express your knowledge and grow in self-expression by exploring the processes and language basic to all visual arts. Rather than follow a system of independent courses in a given medium or discipline, you can investigate issues and ideas in a variety of visual modes.


The faculty members of the Department of Art and Art History, in addition to being excellent and dedicated teachers, are all artists and scholars with active exhibition and publication records. Their work can be found in public and private collections throughout the United States as well as in some of the fields’ most prestigious journals. In addition, many are multiple recipients of national and international residencies and numerous awards and grants.


Mural painted by Katie Puthoff, '17 for the Red Cross Dayton chapter

Graduates from the Department of Art and Art History go on to exciting careers in such areas as education, commercial art and photography, museum and gallery administration and the fine arts. Successful graduates of the program go on to exciting careers in many non-art related fields as well. Recent graduates have been accepted into a number of prestigious M.F.A. programs including Boston University, University of Pennsylvania, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Georgia, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of New Hampshire.

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Message from the Chair

For over 30,000 years, human beings have been recording, remarking upon, and reimagining their existences through visual images and objects. From the cave paintings at Lascaux and Altamira to the iconic sculpture of Michelangelo to the computer-generated art of our own time, we have striven to make, understand, and admire art.  The history of this endeavor is both profound and exhilarating; a rich inheritance for both the artist and the scholar alike. 

It is, therefore, no surprise to discover that the study of art, both its history and its production, has been at the heart of American higher education for well over a century. Through an active engagement with the art of the past, the mastery of craft and the development of critical looking and thinking skills we learn to give form to our dreams and visions. 

The Department of Art and Art History at Wright State University isn’t the only place where this kind of preparation can occur—but it is one of the best! Coursework in studio art involves, first and foremost, an active, rigorous, hands-on engagement with the materials and processes of the contemporary artist. In art history, that same intensity is applied to both a broad and deep understanding of not only the past and present but the methodologies that make such study meaningful.

The Department of Art and Art History features:

  • A B.F.A. program in studio art and B.A. programs in art history and studio art.
  • A B.F.A./art education component as well as certificate programs in graphic and interior design.
  • Small, highly interactive classes that combine traditional approaches with the most up-to-date technologies and practices.
  • Designated facilities for printmaking, photography, painting, sculpture, and drawing
  • A full-time faculty consisting of 11 artists and scholars actively engaged in art-making and research.
  • A world-class gallery that hosts four rotating exhibits each year and houses the largest collection of contemporary art in the Miami Valley.
  • Talent and need-based scholarships for incoming and continuing students.
  • Internships that challenge you to apply and refine the skills you've acquired through coursework in real-world situations; expanding your sense of how and where an art education can be applied. 
  • A proven record of student acceptance at some of the nation’s most prestigious graduate schools.

I encourage you to visit our department, meet with me personally and, if you’d like, sit in on a class. I think you’ll find the Department of Art and Art History offers a world of opportunities in a highly competitive and affordable program.

Glen Cebulash, Chair
Department of Art and Art History


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