Minor in the History and Philosophy of Science

The History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) Minor is for all students, from either the humanities or the social and natural sciences, who wish to complement their majors with a philosophical study of the history and methodology of science generally conceived, from the ancient world to the present. Students examine the many exciting historical revolutions in scientific concepts, logically analyze arguments and methods, and ask foundational philosophical questions about the nature of the scientific enterprise.

The HPS minor makes a strong addition to any major. Students majoring in subjects outside the College of Liberal Arts, such as Science, Math, Engineering, and Medicine, are welcome in the program.

For more information about the HPS Minor, students should contact Dr. Erik Banks.

Program of Study

Required Course Number of Courses Credit Hours
Logic 1 3
HPS Electives 5 15
Science/Math 1 3

Number of required courses: 7

Total credit hours: 21

Logic Requirement: Students must take one of the following classes:

  •   PHL 3200 Symbolic Logic I
  •   PHL 4200 Symbolic Logic II

HPS Electives: Students must take five electives designated as History and Philosophy of Science courses. The following is a partial list of courses meeting this requirement. More courses will be added as they become available.

  • PHL 3510 Scientific Revolutions
  • PHL 3670 Philosophy of Mind
  • PHL 3780 Bioethics
  • PHL 3990 Philosophy of Biology/ Evolution
  • PHL 3990 Space and Time
  • PHL 3990 Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
  • PHL 3990 Rationalism and Empiricism
  • PHL 3990 Philosophy and Modern Physics
  • PHL 3990 Causation and Causal Inference
  • PHL 3990 Philosophy of Mathematics
  • PHL 3990 Ancient Science
  • PHL 3990 History of Science and Technology
  • PHL 3990 Philosophy of Biology/Evolution
  • PHL 4240 Philosophy of Language and Logic
  • PHL 4710 Philosophy of Science
  • PHL 4810 Independent Study

Science/Math: Non-science majors must take one Laboratory Science course or one Math course (2000 level or above) beyond the level required in the Wright Core. Students majoring in fields that require science and/or math courses beyond the Wright Core as part of their major may double count this course.