Minor in Classical Languages and Cultures

Why Minor in Classical Languages and Cultures?

As a study of the origins of Western civilization, a Classical Languages and Cultures Minor is a fitting complement to any Liberal Arts discipline. This Minor is also a great option for non-Liberal Arts Majors. Science, engineering, math, business, etc. are all encompassed in the study of Ancient Greece and Rome.

View Classical Languages and Cultures minor program information and degree requirements in the University Catalog.

Languages: Minors must take a minimum 9 hours of Latin or Greek. These courses may also count as the Foreign Language requirement for all students majoring in subjects in the College of Liberal Arts.

Electives: Electives comprise any Classics courses. Greek and Latin language courses beyond the required number may be used as electives.

CLS 1500: Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture is a Classics class offered as  part of the Wright State core. This Core course is a requirement for Classics Minors.