Major in Classical Languages and Cultures

Why Major in Classical Languages and Cultures?

  • To learn more about the foundations of Western Civilization.
  • To learn how the Greek and Latin languages have shaped English.
  • To study multiple aspects of ancient societies in an integrated manner.
  • To study how Classics shapes American political thought and history.
  • To study the history and philosophy of ancient science.
  • To develop the skills of critical thinking and effective writing employers demand.
  • To learn to appreciate material culture in its social and historical context.
  • To improve research skills.
  • To prepare for graduate school in Classics or to teach high school Latin

Programs of Study

Use the following links to view program information and degree requirements in the University Catalog.

Wright State Core: The Wright State Core includes three classes that provide students with a foundation for future study in Classics.  All of these courses are recommended for Classics students:

  • Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture (CLS 1500) provides an overview of Greek and Roman history and culture.   Fulfills the History requirement in the WSU core curriculum (Area 3).   Required for all Classical Language & Literature minors.
  • Introduction to Classical Mythology (1600) provides an overview of Greek and Roman Mythology.  Fulfills the Arts & Humanities requirement in the WSU core curriculum (Area 4).
  • Great Books (CLS 2040) introduces students to a sample of literature from ancient Greece and Rome. This course is writing intensive, so students will learn to write analytic essays. Fulfills Arts & Humanities requirement in the WSU Core Curriculum (Area 4)

Foreign Language: Students majoring in departments in the College of Liberal Arts must take 12 hours of a foreign language. The Latin and/or Greek courses required of all Classics Majors fulfill this foreign language requirement.

Classics Electives: Language Courses beyond the required 2 ½ years may be used as electives.

CLS 4100: All Classics Majors must take this class during either their junior or senior year. Students will enroll in this course number in conjunction with enrollment in an upper level Classics course. Students will work closely with the professor on an advanced research project.