Classical Languages and Cultures Curriculum

What We Teach

The core of the Major consists of the Greek and Latin languages. Students who wish to major in Classics must take at least one of these languages, and ideally, both. Students will also take courses in ancient history, art history and archeology, literature, mythology, and other specialized subjects.

The Classics Department is supported by several student organizations, especially the Classics Club and the Classics honor fraternity Eta Sigma Phi, which encourage social activities outside of the classroom. We regularly hold guest lectures and play readings. We encourage our students to challenge themselves and each other.

Highly qualified Majors are encouraged to pursue, under the close supervision of a faculty advisor, an Honors Project comprising an extended research paper on a topic of their choice. All Majors have to complete a Senior Capstone Project while enrolled in an upper level Classics course. This project will be conducted under the close supervision of the professor teaching the course.

Course Descriptions