Our Commitment to Advising

The faculty in the Departments of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics are committed to advising. We want to see students not only in our classes but also in our offices. We understand that some of the most important parts of a college education occur outside the classroom.

If you have questions from a class discussion or an assigned reading, if you are struggling with an assignment or excited about a paper topic, if you are thinking of graduate school or don’t know what to do when you graduate, come talk with us.

Most important, you should get regular advising.

Regular advising contributes to student success. If you take courses before you are ready, overload your schedule with too many credit hours, or put off required courses you will likely struggle in your schoolwork and fail to perform to your potential.

Regular advising ensures students know WHAT courses they should take and WHEN they should take them. It will help you make steady progress toward graduation, and make it more likely you will graduate on time.

Regular advising helps you plan for the future. Thinking of graduate school? Ask your faculty advisor for more information. Applying for a job? Ask your faculty advisor for a letter of recommendation. Confused? Brainstorm with your faculty advisor about possible careers.