photo of students outside of millett hallBecause the Liberal Studies major is flexible and allows you to design a program that uniquely fits your interests it is essential that you consult regularly with your faculty advisor (usually the director of the program). Moreover, two parts of the major, the Professional and Interdisciplinary Studies components, require the faculty advisor’s approval. So, you should try to meet with your faculty advisor before each semester (certainly at least once per academic year) to make sure that you are taking the right courses at the right time in your academic career so that you can finish your degree in a timely fashion and in good academic standing. However, it is also a good idea to consult your faculty advisor whenever you have questions about your program, your future, or anything to do with achieving academic success at Wright State and beyond. For example, if you are thinking about applying to graduate school or simply need to brainstorm with someone about your future, your faculty advisor is a good place to start.

Contact: Dr. Bruce LaForse, director of Liberal Studies. Every semester he posts regular office hours during which students can drop in without an appointment. He can also meet by appointment.