For questions about general advising in the Master of Humanities program, please contact the director, Dr. Valerie Stoker at or at (937) 775-2173 (email is preferable). Students who are pursuing one of the program emphases should also consult the relevant faculty members, listed below:

Studio Art

Dr. Glenn Cebulash, Chair
Department of Art and Art History
(937) 775-2896


Dr. Daniel Zehringer
Department of Music
(937) 775-2346

Modern Languages

Dr. Marie Hertzler, Chair
Department of Modern Languages
(937) 775-2642

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Dr. Jessica Barnett
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
(937) 775-4818

All Humanities students, whether or not they are in a discipline-specific program of study, will need to build relationships with relevant faculty in their area of interest. Students can do this by taking courses and by scheduling appointments with faculty members to discuss their research plans. After taking several electives in their chosen area, students in the program will need to assemble a thesis committee of three members, with one serving as the principal advisor. This should be done in consultation with the program director, Dr. Stoker.