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Prior Learning Assessment Submission - ENG 1100


The Department of English allows students to demonstrate proficiency by exam to earn credit for ENG 1100: Academic Writing and Reading. To demonstrate proficiency for ENG 1100, students must:

  • Start the PLA process by submitting the paperwork and payment. Please consult the English department staff by emailing or by calling 937-775-3136 to discuss the sample papers you will provide and the persuasive document you will be required to write.
  • Submit a portfolio of 2-3 papers from previous college courses that serve to demonstrate the learning outcomes for ENG 1100.
  • Submit a persuasive document explaining how the portfolio papers meet the learning outcomes from ENG 1100. Students should quote and paraphrase from the papers they uploaded for the portfolio as supporting evidence throughout the document.

The portfolio and examination are evaluated by faculty of the English Department’s Writing Program with the following basic standard in mind: “Does the writing in both the portfolio and the persuasive document demonstrate the major outcomes for the course ENG 1100?”


Prior to starting the portfolio submission and persuasive document, the following must be completed:

  • Fill out the Prior Learning Assessment Registration Form.
  • Submit to the English department by sending the form to or bringing it to our office in 470 Millett for the chair’s signature.
  • The chair will review and sign the form and return it to you.
  • Mail the completed and signed form with check to: Office of the Bursar, 3640 Col. Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435. If using a credit card email the form to or fax to 937-775-5775.


The fee for this Prior Learning Assessment is listed on the Prior Learning Assessment Registration Form (PDF)

Learning Outcomes

Academic Reading

(Not directly measurable; embedded in written products)

  • Annotate for specific purposes
  • Outline structure of text
  • Skim for general overview
  • Scan for specific information
  • Identify author’s main claim and enumerate supporting points
  • Distinguish author’s voice from other viewpoints in the discussion
  • Distinguish examples, illustrations, and anecdotes from main points

Summarize Texts

  • Restate author’s thesis in own words
  • Recap in own words author’s support points
  • Reduce the original text to main ideas in logical, fluent paragraphs with transitional elements
  • Use 3rd person voice, present tense, and assertive verbs
  • Avoid personal judgment and ascribe ideas to author
  • Document text

Analyze Texts

  • Write clear and appropriate thesis statements
  • Articulate author’s thesis, purpose, and target audience
  • Determine context of discussion
  • Assess credibility of author and text
  • Recognize bias and its possible influence on message
  • Identify and articulate strategies of persuasion
  • Draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the text and support conclusions with textual evidence and sound reasoning
  • Document text


  • Locate, evaluate, and use academic sources
  • Integrate basic quotes, paraphrases, and summarized ideas accurately and smoothly
  • Document and cite in MLA format; learn principles of documentation and citation
  • Understand the principles of academic honesty and avoid plagiarism

Facility with Language and Writing

  • Organize texts appropriately for genre, purpose, and audience
  • Adapt writing strategies for audience, purpose, and type of task
  • Observe sufficient mechanics, usage, grammar, and spelling (MUGS) conventions to preserve coherence and meaning of text and credibility of writer
  • Use electronic environments to draft, revise, edit, and share or publish texts
  • Produce texts whose meaning and purpose can be readily understood by a cold reader

Submit Your Portfolio

Before submitting, please review the learning outcomes for ENG 1100. These are the skills and abilities in academic writing and critical reading that we expect all students of ENG 1100 to demonstrate by end of the course.

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