Thesis Track

The Thesis Track is intended primarily for those students who expect to continue graduate work beyond the Master’s level or who need or desire the full range of professional experience, including intensive research and writing. It assures training in research techniques and the preparation of scholarly papers, culminating in the submission of a thesis. 
Students must meet all requirements of the Graduate School and show a reading knowledge of a foreign language when deemed necessary for thesis research as determined by their thesis advisor.  Students take HST 7000 (Historical Methods).  Near the end of their studies, and after submitting a prospectus approved by the student's thesis committee, students will register for 3-6 hours of HST 7950 (thesis). HST 7950 will conclude with an oral defense of the thesis before a panel of three professors, chaired by the thesis advisor. 

The Thesis Track can also be dedicated entirely to the concentration in War and Society.

Summary of Courses Required

  • HST 7000: Historical Methods (3 credit hours)
  • History Courses numbered 7000-7460: 12 credit hours (minimum)
  • History Courses numbered 6000-6870: 12 credit hours
  • History 7950: Thesis 3-6 credit hours

Total: 30-33 credit hours

The Thesis Track Masters of History can be earned through the United States History and War and Society concentrations or through the General History Curriculum.