Undergraduate Scholarships

The History Department offers scholarships and prizes to currently enrolled undergraduate students. Applications are due mid-way through the spring semester; exact due dates are posted annually at the beginning of the spring semester.

History Essay Prize 

This prize is awarded to the best paper (7-20 pages) written by an undergraduate student.

Recent Winners

  • 2017   Michaela Cruz
  • 2016   Craig Finnell
  • 2015   Derek Pridemore
  • 2014   Caleb Mitchener
  • 2013   Melissa McLean
  • 2012   Grace Richards
  • 2011   Kelly Renée Combs
  • 2010   Nicholas Waggy
  • 2009   Mark Pulcifer


Outstanding Student in History Scholarship 

The winner will be a history major with a g.p.a. of at least 3.3 and at least one semester remaining before graduation. To apply, students a 300-word essay that describes as fully as possible their interests, their goals as a student of history, and why they should receive the award; they also submit a letter of recommendation from a member of the history department faculty.

Recent Winners

  • 2017   Samantha Wood
  • 2016   Christopher Corkern
  • 2015   Lucas Schweirkert
  • 2014   Daniel Lauro
  • 2013   Bethany Wages 
  • 2012   Aaron C. Supinger
  • 2011   Joshowa Yost
  • 2010   no award given
  • 2009   Juan Muñoz
  • 2008   Heide E. Gottschlich


Scholarship in Memory of Carl Becker

This scholarship honors one of the founding members of the WSU history department, an accomplished scholar and a great supporter of public history, both at WSU and in the community.  This scholarship is awarded to a graduate of WSU who is entering the WSU graduate program in History on the Public History track.

Recent Winners

  • 2017   Lauren Lyon
  • 2016   Joseph Panfile
  • 2015   Justin Risner
  • 2014   Heather Webb
  • 2013   Joseph Bradley-Hutchison
  • 2012   no award given
  • 2011   Anthony Kremer


F. Richard Swann Scholarship  

This scholarship was endowed by WSU alumni Samuel and Lynne Dodson in 2013. It honors a retired faculty member who specialized in British history. It is awarded to the best paper (7-20 pages) written by an undergraduate student, with preference given to essays on some aspect of the history of Great Britain and/or the British Empire.

Recent Winners

  • 2017   Anna Helmig
  • 2016   Theodore J. Theopolos
  • 2015   Megan Bailey
  • 2014   Derek Pridemore
  • 2013   Joseph Bradley-Hutchison (inaugural scholarship winner)


Nezahualcóyotl Prize 

Awarded to an outstanding student in senior-level Latin American History courses offered at WSU the previous calendar year.

Recent Winners

  • 2017   Elizabeth Bish
  • 2016   Craig Finnell
  • 2015   Timothy Hughes
  • 2014   no award given
  • 2013   no award given
  • 2012   Nathan T. Barnes
  • 2011   Amy Linden
  • 2010   Justin Olivieri