University Writing Program

photo of a student writingMission                                                         

Fluent writing and critical reading are crucial skills for academic success, personal fulfillment, and civic participation. The Writing Program at Wright State University strives to develop these skills in every student, together with an awareness that different rhetorical situations require writers and readers to understand that purpose, audience, genre, stance, and medium shape whatever they write or read.

To foster these skills and understandings, the writing program teaches students:

  • Multiple processes of writing, from generating ideas and text through drafting and revising to editing and proofreading
  • Research methods and processes that allow students to participate in academic and civic conversations knowledgeably and ethically
  • Various genres of writing to give students multiple avenues for expressing their ideas through narrative, analysis, reporting, and argument
  • Appropriate use of media and current technologies of writing and networked communication opportunities.

Ultimately, the goal of the writing program is to promote students’ success in their studies and beyond.