TESOL Certificate Requirements

The TESOL Program acquaints students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to teach English as a second or foreign language.  The Certificate in TESOL is open to any qualified Wright State student, regardless of major.  The requirements are:

  • An upper-division introductory linguistics course taken within the last five years is the only prerequisite for the certificate program.  Students may fulfill this requirement by taking ENG 4710/6710 (Introduction to Linguistics) before beginning the certificate program or during the fall semester in conjunction with fall semester courses.
  • In order to be admitted into the program, nonnative speakers of English must first meet with the Director to the TESOL.  Nonnative students will be tested before beginning the program and may be required to take ESL courses to improve their English skills.
  • Students must take a minimum of fourteen hours at Wright State University.  The Language Programs Committee must approve all transfer credit prior to the student's acceptance into the program.
  • Several options on and off campus exist for the practicum, including a six-month internship in Japan for students who qualify.
  • In order to receive the certificate, a student must earn a 3.0 average for the courses in the program and submit a portfolio.  The TESOL portfolio is a comprehensive evaluation of the student's knowledge of TESOL subject matter.  Students submit the portfolio after completing the course sequence.