Teaching Assistantships

photo of an english studentTeaching assistantships in English are awarded annually to superior students judged capable of effective teaching. Assistants are assigned teaching dutiestwo or three sections of freshman English (ENG 1100) during the two semesters of the regular academic year. Assistants are required by contract to take a minimum of six hours of graduate course work during each of the two semesters in which they teach. (Note: regular progress toward degree completion will usually require students to take at least three classes during at least three of the four semesters of their program of study.) Teaching Assistants may not drop courses without permission of the Dean of the Graduate School and may not include audits or undergraduate classes as part of their contractually required course work.

New graduate teaching assistants are also required to take the Oral Proficiency (OPT) test or be screened for English proficiency prior to signing their assistantship agreement. Assistants who will teach English department courses must score 300 on this test and must have had extensive exposure to American English language and culture.

Teaching assistants receive a monthly stipend and full tuition waiver for fall and spring semester during the period of the assistantship. The annual (two-semester) stipend total for 2016-2017 first-year TAs is $10,000; second-year TAs receive $10,500.  Summer semester tuition waivers may be available after a teaching assistant has completed two semesters.

ENG 7200: As part of their regular course load, graduate teaching assistants are required to take ENG 7200, a seminar on teaching college composition, during the fall semester of their first year. The three credits will count toward the M.A. degree.

Term of Service: Normally assistantships are awarded for a term of one year beginning in Fall semester. This term may be renewed once, provided the student has at least one year's worth of course work remaining; thus most teaching assistants may be able to teach for four semesters.

Benefits: Assistants fall under the provisions of the educational benefits policy which includes a fee waiver for total tuition. The Graduate School processes the fee waiver each term. Assistants must take a contractually required minimum of six hours (two courses) a semester.

Completed applications are due February 1 for first consideration.

Teaching Assistantship Application (PDF)

Teaching Assistantship Letter of Recommendation (PDF)