Master of Arts in English, Literature Concentration

photo of a studentCourse Requirements for M.A. in Literature

Core Courses (6 hours)

  • ENG 7010 Methods and Materials of Research in Literature
  • ENG 7110 Theory and Practice of Literary Criticism

7000-Level Courses (18 hours)

Six additional 7000-level courses, at least four of which must be seminars in literature  (ENG 7320-7360; prerequisite for all seminars is ENG 7010 or 7020)

Electives (9 hours)
Nine additional graduate credit hours (6000 or 7000 level) in English or an approved related field.

MA Culminating Project

Before graduating, a candidate for the Master of Arts degree in English must

  1. submit a Culminating Project of work for evaluation, and
  2. present selected contents of that project at a designated English Department event.